Why Sports-Women are four times more prone to ACL injury?

The collective awareness regarding the importance of
sports has risen dramatically in India, and an increasing number of girls are
also playing some form of sport today. Football, soccer, tennis, badminton and
basketball are popular sports among girls in India.

But with increased participation in sports, doctors
find sports injuries among women to be rising,

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Arthritis And Joint Replacement

Our knee and hip joint play a vital role in ensuring we move about with ease and do our day-to-day work with ease. With time however, chronic pain in the knee and hip joint flare up, often interfering with daily movement such as getting up, bending down, walking and climbing stairs among others.

Chronic pain in the knee and hip is caused by osteoarthritis,

Precautions after knee replacement surgery

5 Things to be taken care of after Knee Replacement Surgery

For patients suffering from chronic knee pain and a debilitating lifestyle, total knee replacement surgery is a viable option to go back to pain-free daily lives. It is however important to understand the procedure and the subsequent recovery period after the surgery. Patients are typically sent home post surgery within three days, unless they are required to stay longer.


Spine Fixation Treatment in Pune

Our spinal cord protects the nerves that send messages to the brain. It is made up of a series of
connected bones or vertebrae. These vertebra are stacked on top of each other forming an ‘S’
shape with the curve being the most at the neck and in the lower back. Each vertebra has a disc
between them which acts as a shock absorber.


First Aid Tips For Bone Fractures

Basic First Aid Tips For Bone Fractures

A bone fracture can occur anytime. You could be playing, driving or even walking. Though they are not life threatening, fractures can be extremely painful and require immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage. We at Ranka Hospital will share a few basic first aid tips for fractures in this article.

Arthroscopy is used to Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Understanding Arthroscopy to Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Arthroscopy is used to Diagnose or Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Advances in medical science and technology has made it easier to diagnose certain conditions. Arthroscopy is a technological advancement that we at Ranka Hospital use to understand our patients’ conditions better. Let’s understand how arthroscopy can help diagnose and treat a range of joint problems.

6 Reasons to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

6 Reasons to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

Your knee hurts but you don’t pay heed to it. Like most people, you hope that it will go away if you ignore for long enough. Well, we’re here to tell you when exactly you need to stop ignoring the pain and visit a doctor.

1. Have you tried home remedies? Knee pain can be reduced with the help of some basic home remedies.