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Choosing the right surgeon for your knee operation is by far the most important decision that you can take.

People spend a great deal of time researching and debating every single purchase, be it a cell phone or a car. Then they spend a great deal of money on the said purchase. More often than not, these purchases are short- lived, lasting only for a few years. Why then don’t people spend the same amount of time and effort on themselves and their health? Surgery is a big decision that has long-term repercussions and many times people don’t give it enough consideration.
But how do you know which surgeon you should actually go and see? …. This is a difficult question to answer. How do you know who’s any good? How do you know who’s safe? How do you know who’s going to give you the best service and the best outcomes? And how do you know who you can trust?

Ranka Hospital, the best orthopaedic team in Pune is your answer. Our team is made of experts and they’re good. Our facilities are top-of the-line and they’re safe. Our hospital has been ranked by Times of India as one of the Top 6 Orthopaedic hospitals in Pune. Do you need more to trust us?

The word ‘arthroscopy’ simply means looking (scopy) into a joint (arthro). Knee arthroscopy was first introduced into the UK in the 1970s and it has now become one of the most versatile and successful of all orthopaedic operations. A knee arthroscopy is not ‘just a knee arthroscopy’ – no two knee arthroscopies are ever exactly the same. The key is identifying which patients actually need a knee arthroscopy and then ensuring that the correct surgical procedures are actually performed to the highest possible standards. The Arthroscopy surgery at Ranka hospital is carried out in a highly professional way. This is a high-tech minimally invasive procedure. A minute fiber-optic camera attached to a tube is inserted into the joint. Through this the surgeon can study the joint and even repair it. This is most commonly done for the knees and shoulders. Occasionally, it is done for the ankles or elbows.

Nowadays, it seems that pretty much everyone has an ‘expert’ opinion on knee arthroscopy. There seems to be constant interference from insurance companies and healthcare managers; however, the decision as to whether any individual patient might need an arthroscopy and what precise arthroscopic procedures might actually need to be undertaken inside their knee is something that should only be taken by a proper, qualified, experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in knee surgery. We have the best department for arthroscopic surgery consultations at Ranka Hospital.

Dr. Ramesh Ranka’s medical career began with several visits to small villages around Pune and to large corporate hospitals. Dr.Ramesh Ranka is now the owner of Ranka hospital, the largest private hospital in Pune city. Apart from accreditation by I.S.O 9001:2015,Ranka Hospital is recognized by the Quality Council of India & Ministry of Health (New Delhi) as a specialty center for Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgery. Dr. Ramesh Ranka is the Medical Director and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ranka Hospital and is also the Chairman of Ranka Medical Foundation.

Dr Ramesh Ranka has won many accreditations from Diploma in Orthopaedics (Mumbai), Master in Orthopaedic Surgery (K.I.M.S), Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery (Sydney),Fellowship in Sports & Arthroscopy Surgery (Singapore).He is also a Member of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association and Member of Indian Orthopaedic Association.
Ranka hospital is a reputed and recognized hospital for all arthroscopic surgeries. Each surgery is handled with precision and give personalised attention for each individual. The hospital provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation to all its patients after the surgery. Dr. Ramesh Ranka Is known for handling extreme complex cases for arthroscopy.

So spend some effort on yourself and make it all worthwhile. Come to Ranka Hospital for a consultation if you are considering Arthoscopy. We will guide you before, during and after surgery. Ranka Hospital makes Arthoscopy simple.