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Arthritis And Joint Replacement

Our knee and hip joint play a vital role in ensuring we move about with ease and do our day-to-day work with ease. With time however, chronic pain in the knee and hip joint flare up, often interfering with daily movement such as getting up, bending down, walking and climbing stairs among others.

Chronic pain in the knee and hip is caused by osteoarthritis,

Precautions after knee replacement surgery

5 Things to be taken care of after Knee Replacement Surgery

For patients suffering from chronic knee pain and a debilitating lifestyle, total knee replacement surgery is a viable option to go back to pain-free daily lives. It is however important to understand the procedure and the subsequent recovery period after the surgery. Patients are typically sent home post surgery within three days, unless they are required to stay longer.

Joint Replacement Hospital in Pune

As we grow older, our bodies and joints become weaker. Disease and ailment play a large part in old age. However, medical science has made a number of health issues easier to deal with. Joint replacement is one such advancement in medical science that we at Ranka Hospital use to help our patients.