These kinds of surgeries can create many queries in the mind of an individual leading to indecisiveness and lack of confidence. We ardently believe that such surgeries are to be performed primarily for the complete satisfaction of the patient involved and then for the others. We deliver breathtaking results in this field that can offer a refreshing start to an individual’s future. So believe in your decision and shun away any doubts of hesitation.
Cosmetic procedures are broadly divided into two groups; Surgical and Non-Surgical.

Nose reshaping [Rhinoplasty] Botox
Body countering and reshaping[Liposuction] Fillers for soft irregularities over face
Tummy tuck [A-plasty] Excessive pigmentation over face/hands
Breast surgery Non-surgical face and body lift
Eyelid surgery Facial soft wrinkles
Post bariatric surgery body reshaping Facial rejuvenation
Post acne facial skin problems
Male breast surgery [Gynaecomastia]
Vitiligo correction[white skin patches]
Correction for scars / tattoo / pigmentation
Surgery for baldness[hair pattern restoration]
Genital [sexual organ] rejuvenation

Most of the procedures mentioned above are day care i.e. it requires one day’s admission and can be done under local or regional anesthesia. For any queries regarding the treatment, feel free to call our helpline and we will be more than glad to assist you. Our specialized doctors will clear all your doubts and inform you about the procedures.

Panel of Doctors:

  • Dr. Parimal Kulkarni (M.Ch Plastic Surgery)