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The Ranka Multispeciality Hospital is one of the only dedicated private Hospital in Pune, specializing in joint replacement. It is a partnership that has been forged in excellence, with orthopaedic surgeons and exceptional patient care. If you choose to have your surgery with us, you will be in safe hands.

From complex surgery to straight forward procedures, we provide exceptional care at the Ranka Multispeciality Hospital. We are proud to work with leading Specialists across a range of medical fields, whose skills are matched by their integrity and compassion.

Is the surgery right for me?

 Although knee replacement surgery is often the best treatment for people with advanced osteoarthritis, before you make the decision to go ahead it’s important to:

1) Discuss all your options with the Specialist

2) Discuss your expectations for surgery

3) Ask questions and raise any concerns you may have

4) Weigh up the risks and benefits so that you can make your own informed decision

Why come to Ranka Multispeciality Hospital?

 1) Always get the best care. We are committed to providing the most effective and highest quality healthcare for our patients.

2) Get Treated By The Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune

3) Faster recovery times

4) Shorter hospital stays

5) A reputation for innovation, we continually invest in the world’s most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies.

6) High quality accommodation, being in a comfortable environment can help speed up a patient’s recovery.

7) Incredible Savings.

Millions of people suffer from Arthritis of the knee. Often the condition is so severe that the patient is unable to carry out even the activities of daily living. When conservative treatment fails to provide adequate relief, Total Knee Replacement should be considered.

About Total Knee Replacement (T.K.R)

Total Knee Replacement or “Arthoplasty” is the realigning of the joint (bone and surfaces) with artificial parts called protheses. There are three components in the artificial knee. The femoral (thigh) component is made of metal and covers the end of the thigh bone. It may be cemented to the bone or, for some protheses, inserted without cement for tissues to grow into the porous coating of the device (biological fixation).

The Tibial (shine bone) component made of metal and polyethylene (medial-grade plastic), covers the top end of the tibia. The metal forms the base of this component, while the polyethylene is attached to the top of the metal to serve as cushion and smooth gliding surface between the metal of the femoral and tibial components. The tibial component will be secured to the bone with bone content.

The third component, the Patella or knee cap, may be all polyethylene or a combination of metal and polyethylene. Depending on the prosthesis used, this part may be fixed with or without cement.

The total knee replacement is inserted through an incision that runs three or four inches above the knee down along the inside of the knee cap to several inches below the knee. The new components are stabilized by your ligaments and muscles, just as your normal knee was.

The operation is usually carried out under Epidural Anaesthesia (safe & also provides pain relief in post surgical period.)

Post Operation Progress:

 1) Day 1 made to sit at Edge of Cot.

2) Day 2 made to stand.

3) Day 3 made to walk.

4) Day 7 can be sent home.

5) Day 10-12 follow up for stitch removal.

(Note: Above Protocol may vary depending on patient compliance.)

Why Choose Ranka Multispeciality Hospital?

1) International class Operation Theatres with Laminar Air Flow System.

2) Hi Tech equipments and Instruments to perform accurate Implantation of Artificial joint.

3) Fully Equipped and dedicated Physiotherapy Department.

4) All choices of Implants available i.e. Imported & Indian.

5) Reasonable Packages.

6) Facility to perform both side replacement in one sitting.

7) Internationally trained team of Joint replacement Surgeons.

8) Deserving patients will be provided further subsidized charges.

Get Treated By One of the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune

Get Treated By The Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune



Medical Director and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon
M.B., D. ORTH., M.S.(ORTH)
I.C.O.E. (USA) Fellow
Artroscopy and Sports Surgery (Singapore)
Total Joint Replacement (Sydney)