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Experience top-notch orthopedic care at Ranka Hospital, Pune's leading center for advanced bone and joint treatments. Our expert surgeons use cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive techniques for optimal results and faster recovery. From sports injuries to joint replacements, our comprehensive services are tailored to your needs. Trust Ranka Hospital for exceptional care and effective orthopedic solutions.

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We have over two decades of experience in delivering successful surgical outcomes.

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Dr. Ramesh Ranka

M.B.M.S (Ortho.), I.C.O.E. (USA)
Fellowship Sports & Arthroscopy (Singapore)
Total Joint Replacement (Australia)


25+ Years of Experience

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Dr. Vinayak Garje

M.S (Ortho.), Consultant Orthopaedic
& Joint Replacement Surgeon


10+ Years of Experience

Orthopedic Services

Knee Replacement

At Ranka Hospital, we diagnose your case thoroughly to determine the need for replacement and provide two knee replacement options, depending on the suitability and your knee condition. The options include partial and total knee replacement. Partial knee replacement involves resurfacing a portion of the knee with metal and plastic components. On the other hand, total knee replacement includes replacing parts of arthritic or damaged joints with a plastic, metal, or ceramic device called a prosthesis.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement involves replacing the damaged sections of the hip joint with metal, ceramic, or hard plastic called prostheses. The replacement surgery helps improve joint functioning and reduce pain. Hip replacement may be an option when hip pain interferes with routine life and when non-surgical options haven’t been as effective in alleviating the pain. Nevertheless, our doctors diagnose your case via competent and latest diagnostic procedures to make informed decisions about the replacement possibility and viable option.


Arthroscopy helps diagnose and treat joint problems. It involves inserting a narrow tube with a fiber-optic video camera via a tiny incision. The camera captures images and relays them on a screen to give surgeons insights into the joint damage. surgeons repair some joint damages during arthroscopy with thin surgical devices inserted via some additional small incisions. At Ranka Hospital, we use the latest surgical infrastructure to ensure safe, effective, and comprehensive arthroscopy.

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery intends to restore and preserve spine function. Traditional spine surgery involves making an incision along the backbone. The surgeons move muscle and soft tissue aside to access the spinal bonds and the spinal cord. On the other hand, minimally invasive spine surgery is a more contemporary approach that involves making smaller incisions than conventional surgery. Hence, it is much safer, less painful, and enables quicker recovery. At Ranka Hospital, our expertise and infrastructural availability enable us to cover both.

Sports Injury

While the injury hurts, what hurts more is remaining away from your favorite sport! So, why live with the injury when you can treat it at Ranka Hospital? We provide personalized treatment for sports injuries of different types and varying intensities. Some common types of sports injuries we treat include bone fracture, strain, sprain, bursitis, and tendinitis. We aim to help you get back to your favorite sport safely and in an organized manner. Our assistance also includes post-surgery rehabilitation and physical therapy support for quicker and healthier recovery.


At Ranka Hospital, we also cater to trauma-related cases and injuries. We handle every type of accidental injuries, neglected injuries, etc., with varying complexities. Our comprehensive approach, experienced doctors, competent infrastructure, and personalized treatment lead to safe and effective trauma treatment.

Fracture Management

Are you suffering from fractures? Delaying the treatment may intensify the fracture and result in complications. Visit us and undergo a comprehensive fracture management treatment that involves reducing the fracture to restore the normal anatomy and maintain the position through a fixation technique. So, don’t live with fractures and the pain and complications they cause! We are here to help you manage your fracture and restore your mobility effectively.

Pediatric Ortho

It is indeed painful to see your little one experience pain and aches resulting from fractures or deformities! But we’ve got you covered with our pediatric ortho support. Our team of experienced pediatric orthopedic doctors specializes in treating bone and joint problems in children. Our personalized treatment coverage includes treating fractures, hip conditions, sports-related injuries, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus, and more.


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