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Tele-consultation & Home Physiotherapy in Pune  

  • Ergonomics counselling , posture education and correction , Do-able exercise program at Home/work place
  • Personalized Care+ Specific treatment for your specific ailment.
  • All therapists are well trained, experienced and certified.
  • Tell us about your problems and our expert therapist will try to solve them
  • Home Exercise Plan: Therapist will assign some specific exercises to you, which you can follow easily.

    Our Physiotherapy Services

    Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

    Back Pain , Knee Pain, Radiating Pain , Spondylisis, Frozen Shoulder

    Neuro Physiotherapy

    Neuromuscular rehabilitation, stroke, parkinson’s disease, Cerebral palsy , DMD

    Women’s Physiotherapy

    Pre-partum & post-partum physiotherapy, Pelvic Muscles rehabilitation, Correction of Diastasis Recti, Ergonomic Counselling & postural correction , Strength Training Program for Osteoarthritis

    Geriatric Physiotherapy

    Long term Physiotherapy rehabilitation, Mobility and Strengthening for Geriatric Care, Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement , Arthritis, Slip disc, Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis

    Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy

    Strengthening & Conditioning of Cardio-Respiratory Muscles

    Sports Physiotherapy

    ACL rehabilitation, strength and endurance training

    How to book an appointment for teleconsultation?


    Fill up the enquiry form / contact us on WhatsApp

    medical-team (1)

    Our team will call you to briefly understand about your medical condition


    After your approval you’ll receive our service plan and a payment link for payment


    Once payment is received, you’ll receive a session calendar and a ‘Know Your Physiotherapist’ card detailing your therapist’s credentials and expertise.


    Your assigned physiotherapist will begin your teleconsultation session, by reviewing your medical history, daily occupation, and how your medical condition affects your daily activities.


    Your treatment plan will be customised and demonstrated virtually to help you carry your exercise protocol at the comfort of your home


    Re-evaluation & recommendation about further sessions as per need.

    How to book an appointment for a physiotherapy home visit?


    WhatApp us / fill up the Form..After form submission, our team will contact you ASAP. and understand your medical History briefly .

    medical-team (1)

    After your approval, you will receive a call explaining our service plan and a payment link for payment.


    Upon payment, you’ll receive a session calendar and a ‘Know Your Physio’ card detailing your therapist’s credentials and expertise.


    Home Visit: At your requested time and date, our physio will come to your home. After assessment, treatment will commence.


    We’ll assess your treatment weekly and customize your program for improved progression.

    Why physiotherapy from Safe Hands?

    Experienced, LIcensed & best-reviewed physiotherapists come to your doorstep.
    Customized care plans tailored to your condition.
    Evidenced Based Practice are followed while Treatment & Rehabilitation
    Male & female therapists are available based on your convenience.
    Basic & Advanced plans designed as per severity of your condition.
    Revaluation and recommendation by our lead therapist at the time of completion of your service.

    What do our Patients Say?

    Home Physiotherapy Packages

    Orthopaedic, Gynac, Cardio-respi, Condition Package

    One Visit ₹800/-
    7 Days ₹5600/-
    15 Days ₹12000/-

    Neurological and sports Condition Package

    One Visit ₹900/-
    7 Days ₹6300/-
    15 Days ₹13500/-

    TELECONSULTATION Physiotherapy

    One Session ₹900/-
    Two Sessions ₹1800/-
    Three Sessions ₹2700/-