Ranka Hospital is the best Spine Surgery hospital that provides quality and affordable treatment in Pune.

As per the individuals requirement, We offer these services:

Lumbar Spine Surgeries:
Microlumbar Discectomy
Lumbar Decmpression
Posterior Spinal Fusion
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS)
Laminoforaminotomy / Fenestration
Decompression +/-Spinal Fusion with Instrumentation
MIS Treatment of Adult Lumbar Degenerative Scoliosis
TLIF/PLIF/ALIS Lumbar interbody surgery

Cervical Spine Surgeries:
Posterior Cervical Laminectomy and Fusion/Lateral Mass Fixation
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)
Cervical Disc Replacement
Cervical Laminoplasty
Anterior Cervical Corpectomy and REconstruction

Dorsal Spine Surgeries:
Anterior Surgery – Trans thoracic / Retroperitoneal
Posterior Surgery Decompression +/- Stabilisation

Deformity Correction:

Spine Trauma:
Accicedental spine injury/Osteoporotic Fractures

Various tumors affect spine, Benign / Malignant

Pyogenic or Tuberculosis(most common) or any other

Revision Spine:
Previously operated / failed back surgery

Our Multispeciality Hospital has an effective method of managing chronic spine pain patients cost-effectively.
The treatments range from sophisticated diagnostic testing, conservative treatment to spine surgeries. The spine specialists guide the patients accordingly to alleviate pain for better quality of life.