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We at Ranka Hospital believe that food can be one of the strongest forms of medicine. Medical nutritional therapy is an integral part of the patient care process in disease treatment and prevention. Our goal is to reduce the risk of various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, kidney problems, obesity, osteoporosis, malnutrition, cancers, etc through diet. Nutrition therapy plays an important role in pre and post operative complications and infections and the department takes utmost care of this aspect.

Our clinical dietician specializes in assessing the nutritional status and needs of the patient, calculating individual requirements and providing a tailored diet accordingly.

We provide diets for:
• Weight management
• Diabetic diet
• Hypertensive diet
• Renal diet
• Hepatic diet
• Diet for pregnancy and lactation
• Osteoporosis diet
• Thyroid problems
• Anemia
• High protein diets
• Restrictive diets

Services offered:
IPD : Nutritional assessment is done for all patients. Disease specific dietary counseling for
all patients and caretakers.

OPD: Dietetic consultation for all types of health conditions and weight management

“Every time you eat you are either fighting disease or feeding it”

Head of department
Shruti Khivansara
BSc (Nutrition and dietetics)
PG (dietetics)