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Often, anal fistulas form a result of anal canal infection. The infection punctures the skin, resulting in the formation of a tunnel. Treating anal fistulas require surgery to block or clear the tunnel. So, if you experience symptoms such as anal pain and swelling, bleeding during and after bowel movements, etc., you must consult a fistula specialist in Pune and then get it treated on time. Ranka Hospital, precisely, is the name that provides the most appropriate fistula treatment in Pune. It is the best fistula hospital in Pune, with fistula doctors and surgeons with several years of experience.

What is an anal fistula?

The anal canal has several fluid-secreting glands. When bacteria enter these glands, it causes infection and results in an abscess. In search of an area to drain itself, the abscess punctures a hole in the skin near the anus to release the built-up infected fluid, thereby creating an anal fistula. As mentioned earlier, fistulas are often a result of an anal infection. However, they also can be caused by chronic conditions in the body.

What are the various causes of an anal fistula?

Some of the common causes of anal fistulas include,

  • Diverticulitis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Anal infection
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Different types of cancers

What are the different symptoms of an anal fistula?

The common symptoms of anal fistulas include,

  • Irritation and itching in the anal region
  • Bleeding during and after bowel movements
  • Anal region pain and swelling
  • Recurring anal abscesses
  • Release of foul-smelling liquid near the anus

Anal Fistula Diagnosis and Anal Fistula Treatment in Pune

  • Anal fistula diagnosis forms a critical step in determining the treatment for it. At the outset, the fistula doctor in Pune examines various signs and symptoms and may conduct some tests. Some of the diagnostic procedures include visual inspection, anoscopy, and MRI, and Ultrasound. Based on the diagnosis, doctors decide the course of treatment. Some diagnostic treatments include,
  • Use of a plug to close the fistula through surgery
  • In cases with a higher degree of severity, the fistula surgeon may insert a tube into the fistula to gradually drain it and then operate it
  • In mild instances, the surgeon may cut open the fistula and allow it to heal flat

Complications After Anal Fistula Surgery

Some of the complications post-anal fistula surgery include,

  • Infection
  • Recurrence of anal fistula
  • Bowel incontinence

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