Act before the Attack comes!

Like heart, if the blood supply to the bone (femoral head of Hip joint) gets damaged it can lead to complete collapse of the Hip Joint. This condition is called AVASCULAR NECROSIS.

Avascular Necrosis (AVN) is a cellular death of bone component, which occurs when the blood supply to the bones is temporarily or permanently blocked. In the absence of blood, bone tissues die and bone collapses. If this condition isn’t treated, it leads to severe pain, resulting in Arthritis. Avascular Necrosis is also called Osteonecrosis or Aseptic Necrosis. Different stages of osteonecrosis can be distinguished of which stages I & II represent the stages before fracture and stages III & IV the stages after fracture. This condition leads to arthritis and joint gets damaged.

Data suggested that AVN is the main cause (over 49%) of Hip Replacement in India and also AVN is 5 times more common in males than female.
AVN is most common in hip and shoulder, but can affect other large joints as well.
There are many causes of AVN. Anything that damages the blood supply to the hip can cause AVN.
1)Steroid = Take the advice from your physician about the risks involved
2) Alcohol = 400 cc per week can increase the risk by 140 times
3) Trauma = If you have a history of hip fracture, risk of AVN increases
4) Lifestyle = Sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk

AVN Symptoms
The main symptoms of AVN is pain when you put weight on your hip. The initial symptoms are usually felt during activity and include pain or aching in the affected joint. Symptoms usually begin slowly and may initially be sporadic. Sometimes, the pain may begin quite suddenly. As the disease progresses, the pain increases and is associated with stiffness and loss of motion of the involved joint. Limping becomes common. The hip is the most common joint affected, and the pain is usually felt in the groin.

Avail the most advance treatment: Bone cell therapy
Using your own body cells to treat your AVN
Autologous bone cell therapy, is a patient specific, natural and biological regenerative medical treatment that allows the formation of new bone in the area of bone loss naturally providing restored mobility without any side effects.


  • Avascular necrosis or Osteonecrosis of hip joint: An interruption of blood supply to the bone causing it to collapse and die.
  • Bone Tumors: Abnormal growth of tissues in the bone which can cause bone decay


OSSGROW™ regenerates new bone at the defect area in the hip joint. It is India’s First FDA approved bone cell therapy with 98% success rate.

  • Complete relief from pain and limping
  • Completely safe
  • Stop progression of the disease
  • Patients resume to normal life at the earliest
  • One time treatment. No need of repeat surgery in future.

Treatment Procedure
Ossgrow process