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What is piles?

Also known as hemorrhoids, piles is a commonly occurring condition in people from almost all age groups. It is characterized by swollen or inflamed blood vessels near the rectum or anus. Straining at stool and chronic constipation results in a higher blood supply to the rectal veins. Excessive blood flow through these veins exerts a higher amount of pressure on these veins. Such pressure, beyond a specific limit, causes the wall to elongate and become tortuous.

Types of Hemorrhoids – Know from Specialists for the Best Piles Treatment in Pune!

At Ranka Hospital, as a center for the best piles treatment in Pune, we answer all our patient’s questions. One of the most common questions our patients ask us is what are the different types of piles or hemorrhoids. So, they could be of four types as under.

  • Internal: You cannot always see them, as they are deep inside the anus. They form protrusions of the wall of your anal canal or rectum. Hemorrhoids with lesser intensity are like bumps inside. On the other hand, the more serious hemorrhoids can form a lengthy protrusion.
  • External: External hemorrhoids appear as one or more bumps on and around the anus. These are visible from the outside.
  • Thrombosed: Thrombosed hemorrhoids are external or internal hemorrhoids. In these hemorrhoids, the blood pooled inside gets clotted. They could cause pain in external hemorrhoids.
  • Prolapsed: Prolapsed hemorrhoids are internal ones swelling and elongating to a point where they protrude from the anus. The less severe prolapsed hemorrhoids come out of the anus during straining. But they retract when you relax. However, the more serious prolapsed hemorrhoids stay protruding from the anus and do not retract even when you relax.

What are the various stages of piles?

First Degree: Pile mass swells but does not come out of the anus, and bleeding is the only symptom.
Second Degree: Pile mass comes out of the anus but reduces on its own.
Third Degree: Internal hemorrhoids is the mass that comes out after defecation but does not reduce itself.
Fourth Degree: Internal mass that comes out after defecation but does not go back inside the anus.

What are the different reasons for piles?

As stated earlier, piles result from the strain over the blood vessels within the anus, in turn, caused due to long time sitting, long-running constipation, sitting for the toilet seat for a long time, long driving, etc. However, some other prominent reasons include obesity, absence of fiber in the diet, pregnancy, heredity, bleeding during defecation, etc.
What are the various symptoms of piles?
Some common symptoms of piles include itching in the anal area, swelling around the anal region, pain in the anal area, bleeding without any pain while passing stools, and the development of a sensitive or painful lump near the anus.
Get Effective Piles Treatment in Pune with Ranka Hospitals
Ranka Hospital is a reputed piles clinic in Pune with several in-house and visiting piles doctors in Pune. We diagnose piles through various methods that include physical examination, or visual/scopic inspection, whichever is appropriate. Further, we treat piles through an extensive array of treatments that include,
⦁ Laser hemorrhoidectomy
⦁ Surgical hemorrhoidectomy
⦁ Laser hemorrhoidoplasty (LHP)
⦁ Hemorrhoidal LASER Procedure (HeLP)
⦁ Infrared or electrical coagulation
⦁ Stapled hemorrhoidectomy

Why Choose Ranka Hospital as Your Piles Specialist in Pune?

Here are some reasons you should choose as your piles specialist in Pune.

  • Comprehensive consultation, specific diagnosis and a personalized treatment
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure to treat piles effectively
  • An experienced team of pile specialists in Pune
  • Positive feedback from patients who have been relieved of piles treatment
  • An extensive range of piles treatment options

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