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Are Anal Fissures a Common Condition?

Anal fissures are a very common condition. However, they are more commonly found in infants and in women during pregnancy. About 50 percent of people suffering from anal fissures encounter them before they turn 40 years of age.

What are anal fissures?

Commonly found in people of varying ages, anal fissures can be in the form of a tear in the part of the anus, or it may come out as skin over the anal lining. The affected area can cause severe pain and bleeding during bowel movements. Besides, the formation of skin over the anus can cause discomfort and pain while sitting, thereby calling for an immediate cure. Although a healthy lifestyle can treat fissures, in some cases, surgery may be required.

What are the causes of anal fissures?

Some of the common causes of anal fissures include,
⦁ Childbirth
⦁ Passing large or hard stools
⦁ Anal intercourse
⦁ Chronic diarrhea
⦁ Constipation and straining during bowel movements
Some less common causes include,
⦁ Anal cancer
⦁ Syphilis
⦁ Tuberculosis

What are the symptoms of anal fissures?

Some of the symptoms of anal fissures include,
⦁ Constipation
⦁ Blood on the exterior surface of the tool
⦁ Pain during bowel movements and for even hours after it
⦁ A visible crack or tear in the anal canal or anus
⦁ Painful burning or itching, etc.

What Does an Anal Fissure Feel Like?

Although not all, many people feel pain while suffering from anal fissures. Such pain is felt particularly and mostly during passing stools. However, it can last a few minutes to several hours after the activity is complete. Many describe the pain as a sharp feeling, including tearing, burning, or cutting. In some people, the pain extends to the upper thigh, lower back, or buttock region as well.

Treat Anal Fissures with the Best Fissure Doctor in Pune

At Ranka, we employ a team of some of the most experienced fissure doctors in Pune. Our fissure treatment in Pune includes the following surgical and non-surgical treatments.
Some non-surgical anal fissure treatments, based on the patient’s condition include,
⦁ Blood pressure medications to help relax the sphincter
⦁ Use of topical anesthetic creams
⦁ Externally applied nitroglycerin
⦁ Botulinum toxin type A injection
In case non-surgical treatments do not result in the right effect, or if the non-surgical treatments aren’t an option, we also provide surgical treatments that include,
⦁ Laser treatment for fissure in Pune
⦁ Lateral internal sphincterotomy (LIS)
Increasing the intake of fiber and fluids can help soften stool and heal anal fissures within a few weeks. Further, soaking in warm water for around 10 to 20 minutes many times a day, particularly after bowel movements, can relax the sphincter and foster healing. However, ensure you follow this treatment after consulting our fissure doctor in Pune.
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