Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

This is an intensive and highly specialized branch where in case of trauma, extensive and rapid measures have to be taken during revascularization procedures. In many cases reconstructive and microsurgery and orthopaedic surgery are deeply inter dependable. Most of the major traumas are associated with soft tissue loss, nerve +/- vascular injury.
This department of Ranka Hospital is one of prime centers dealing with such issues in the North of Pune. Our well-structured unit has all the latest facilities to tackle all complicated cases of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The following procedures are skillfully managed at our hospital under superior care –

  • Skin grafting for small and large skin defects with the help of skin expansion masher so as to cover larger skin defects with limited supply of skin.
  • Flaps to cover soft tissue defect- (local flaps like rotation, advancement, transposition,  myocutaneous flap,  fascio cutaneous flaps)
  • For complex and composite defects- microvascular free tissue transfer.
  • Limb salvages procedures- by doing microvascular anastomosis of arteries, veins and nerves to reattach amputated part of the body.
  • Hand surgery- acute trauma to hand, late soft tissue +/- bony deformity correction, treatment for hand bone fractures, tendon transfer for various nerve palsies, tendon surgery[early or late], hand tumors, congenital hand deformities.

Micro Vascular Surgery- vascular injury, nerve injury, vascular anamolies, Tuboplasty after Tubectomy, Vas Recanalization after Vasectomy.

Panel of Doctors:

  • Dr. Parimal Kulkarni (M.Ch Plastic Surgery)