Q: Why should I choose to take treatment at Ranka Hospital?
Q: How do I schedule an appointment?
Q: Can I make payments through Credit / Debit cards?
Q: Do I need to give my details for registration on every visit?
Q: If I am an international patient and have to take treatment at Ranka Hospital, whom should I contact?
Q: Do you provide food and accommodation to patients and relatives of international patients?
Q: If I am a patient who has medical insurance whom should I contact for details?
Q: What are the types of rooms available at Ranka Hospital?
Q: Does the hospital provide transportation to / from the airport?
Q: What are the visiting hours of the hospital for patient’s relatives?
Q: I wish to undergo a knee replacement. Whom should I meet to get more information?
Q: How do you select an hospital for major operation ?
Q: Till the age of 46 yrs I never had a blood check or a routine preventive checkup when I saw my childhood friend suddenly suffer an heart attack. I decided to go for a preventive checkup at Ranka Multispecialty Hospital. ?
Q: My father had undergone a knee replacement surgery but because of his poor cardiac functions and diabetes he required a institute which has ICU backup with all equipment. ?