Medical Tourism

In the recent times the world has seen the phenomenon of medical tourism catch up very fast. It involves visiting other places in the world for medical aid and relaxation needs. Medical tourism is growing in India too. Thanks to the cost effective medical care of international standards provided in India. The country is also loaded with plenty of tourist attractions across its length and breadth owing to its rich culture, history and geographical beauty. This comes as an added benefit for those looking for medical tourism in India. Most common treatments pursued by foreigners here are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care. The infrastructure and technology in India is at par with those in USA, UK and the rest of Europe.

The cost of treatment in India is considered to be the lowest in Asia, much lower than Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our treatments are very cost effective. We have five star medical facilities and highly qualified doctors for your service. The most highlighting factor is that medics and staff in renowned hospitals of India speak the global language that is English. This makes international patients feel more comfortable and secure in this land.

Pune city is one the historical cities of Maharashtra State and is the 8th largest metropolis city of India. It was the first capital of the Maratha Empire under Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosale. In the 18th century, Pune became the political center of Indian subcontinent as the prime seat of Maratha Peshwas who were the prime ministers of the Maratha Empire.

The beautiful city of Pune also takes pride in being the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Since the 1950-60s, Pune has had traditional old-economy industries which continue to grow even today. The city is well known now for Manufacturing, Automobile, Government & Private sector Research Institutes, Information technology (IT) and Educational, Management, Training Institutes that attract migrants, students and professionals not only from India but also from South-East Asia, Middle East and African countries. It is aptly called the Oxford of the East for the priceless education it imparts through several reputed colleges and schools.

Ranka Hospital, based in Pune, has treated patients from United Kingdom,Africa, Yemen, Oman, Dubai,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,etc.

Ranka Hospital is centrally located in Mukund nagar, Pune. Its close proximity to pulsating hub of Swargate makes it very accessible.

It is a 101 bedded hospital with services like Super speciality Orthopaedic, Trauma Services, Cosmetic Surgery, General Medicine, Cardiology, General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Urosurgery, Neurosurgery, Intensive Care Unit and well equipped State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Centre. We believe in imparting high quality medical care, accurate &punctual services and constant upgradation in its facilities in order to offer the best possible in-patient care. Dr. Ramesh Ranka, Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon has more than 16 years of experience and has the following credentials:

  • Gold medal in M.S. Orthopaedics
  • I.C.O.E. (U.S.A.) in Trauma and Joint Replacement Surgery.
  • Fellowship in Arthroscopic and Sports Surgery, Singapore (N.U.H.).
  • Training in Joint Replacement at Nepean Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

We provide following services to our international clients for
International Medical Tourism:

  • Arrangements for picking up from Mumbai/Pune Airport.
  • Hotel accommodation for relatives.
  • Food arrangements that are of highest quality and hygiene norms.
  • Sightseeing in and around Pune.
  • Operating rooms of international standards.
  • Internationally trained team of surgeons and medical experts.
  • Equipment and instrumentation of world renowned companies.
  • Cost of treatment much lower than that in Western countries.
  • Well educated English speaking paramedical staff.
  • Traveling help desk
  • Government and Legal formalities help desk
  • General help desk

All the above facilities along with courteous and caring staff makes Ranka Hospital the most sought after medical center for Medical and Health Tourism.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Pune City
Ranka Hospital, 157 / 5, Mukund Nagar, Pune – 411037, Maharashtra, India.
Phone : 91–2024261530 / 91–2024261600

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