Best Spine Surgeon Specialist Doctor in Pune

Best Spine Surgeon Specialist Doctor in Pune

Are you suffering from spinal diseases? Are you looking out for the best spine surgeon in Pune to cure them? Here’s Ranka Hospital, the best spine surgeon in Pune with over two decades of experience and a team of qualified and experienced spine consultants and surgeons. We use the latest surgical technology, state-of-the-art equipment and leverage our years of experience to treat spinal problems most appropriately and safely.

What Spine Care is all about?

Spine care, as the name suggests, primarily focuses on treating spine conditions. It involves managing neck and back-related disorders through a case-specific, evidence-based, and multidisciplinary approach. Further, spine care includes treating spinal conditions through a range of treatment options such as physical therapy, medications, interventional pain management, and, if required, surgery, based on how serious the condition is.

What are the Causes/ Indications of Spine Surgery?

You may require back surgery if,

  • You have fractured vertebrae or your spinal column has been damaged due to any injury
  • You have tried conservative treatment measures, but they failed to relieve you from the pain
  • You have bulging or ruptured disks. But in many cases, the condition doesn’t cause any pain
  • You have vertebral fractures and unstable pain associated with osteoporosis
  • You suffer from a condition compressing your spinal nerves, resulting in back pain or numbness along the back of your leg

However, surgeries may invite a range of side effects. Although not everyone suffers from them, surgeries result in complications that involve,

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Recurrent disk herniation
  • Reaction to anesthesia or other drugs
  • Formation of blood clots
  • Nerve damage, resulting in paralytic pain, weakness, loss of bladder control or bowel, etc.

The objective of surgery is to reduce back pain. However, not everyone benefits from back pain. Hence, considering the probable complications, experts recommend non-surgical treatments, much before considering surgery. These non-surgical treatments help patients in many different ways. It includes improved physical fitness, ability to resume work, enhanced productivity, flexibility, and reduced dependence on pain medications.

Surgical risks vary from person to person. Hence, you must consult your surgeon before opting for surgery and understand the type and severity of surgical risks involved in surgery in your case.

When do you need Spine Specialists Care?

Spinal health is a crucial element of your overall well-being. Hence, you must ignore spinal conditions and remain mindful of a few conditions that require expert intervention. Some of them include

  • Difficulty in moving limbs
  • You suffer from back pain coupled with fever
  • Neck pain, coupled with nausea or headache
  • Back injury caused by an accident or injury
  • Tingling, numbness, or burning sensation in the arm or leg and that is felt below the knee or elbow
  • Continuous back pain

5 Top Reasons why Ranka Hospital has the Best Spine Surgeon in Pune

Here are some reasons that makes Ranka Hospital, the best spine surgery hospital in Pune.

  • Latest spinal surgical techniques and technology
  • Safe hands and experienced minds
  • Strict adherence to COVID-19 and spinal surgery protocols
  • Comprehensive spinal consultation
  • Expertise at a broad array of spinal surgeries

This department is managed by a team of expert Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists and Anesthetists. Nearly all the types of procedures are performed here. Following are few of them:

  • Microscopic spine surgery.
  • Endoscopic spine surgery.
  • Minimal access surgery.
  • Conventional disc surgeries.
  • Deformity correction for acquired and congenital deformities.
  • Spinal Laminectomy Surgery.
  • Spine trauma management and instrumentation for early mobilization and rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the various causes of back pain?

Some of the common reasons resulting in back pain include,

  • Scoliosis
  • Back injury
  • Spinal degeneration, or age-related arthritis, or genetics
  • Repetitive poor mechanics
  1. Which symptoms indicate a spine condition?
  • Sudden and extreme pain after a mild fall
  • Persistent pain at night or pain during resting
  • Pain that extends to other areas such as elbow, knee, ankle, or the lower portion of the leg
  • Unexplained weight loss, coupled with fever and back pain
  • In very young people, or elderly, back pain without any apparent reason
  1. How do I treat back pain?

The treatment depends on your condition. Doctors may recommend a range of non-surgical or surgical techniques based on your situation and what’s better for you. In some cases, depending on the suitability, doctors go for minimally invasive surgery to enable a speedy recovery of the individual from back pain.

  1. When do I consider surgery to treat back pain?

Surgery is chosen only when non-surgical treatments fail. However, since surgeries carry risks, you must always consult a certified spine expert and get the right advice on whether to go for back pain surgery or not.

  1. How do I keep my back healthy?

Spine specialists and physiotherapists prepare an exercise plan tailored to relieve you from back pain in the safest way possible. It involves exercises that enhance back strength and stability augment the power of the lower abdominal muscles, postural exercises, etc., depending on your condition.

  1. How does osteoporosis impact the spine?

One of the earliest signs of osteoporosis affecting the spine is bone fracture on parts such as hips, spine, or wrists. Spinal fractures aren’t easily noticeable, as they simply result in vertebral compression. The compression may further result in loss of height, bad posture, and an increased risk of neurological damage to the spinal nerves of the individual. Hence, you must stay mindful of these signs and consult experts immediately.

Panel of Doctors:

  • Dr. Ramesh Ranka and team of orthopedic surgeons.

Treat your Spinal Problems with the Best Spine Surgeon in Pune. For more details, or to book an appointment with our spinal consultants, connect with us at 020-2426100.