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Knee Replacement Surgeon, Doctor, Specialist in Ranka Hospital, Pune

Do you want to undergo a knee replacement surgery and looking out for the best knee replacement surgeon in Pune? Here’s Ranka Hospital at your service! Ranka Hospital is a leading hospital for knee replacement surgeries. We leverage the latest and the most appropriate knee replacement surgical techniques to ensure the best results.

At Ranka Hospital, we perform a range of knee replacement operations, including customized total knee replacement, total knee replacement, Unicondylar knee replacement, gender-specific knee replacement, computerized knee replacement, and revision total knee replacement. Our knee replacement experts identify the right and safest surgery based on the patient’s condition. It enables us to relieve patients from knee pain.

While there are non-surgical and surgical interventions short of knee replacement that provide temporary relief, the long-term resolution to most knee degeneration will be joint replacement. Being one of the Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Pune, at Ranka Hospital the knee replacement procedure is safe and effective with results that are predictable and long lasting. Also because of the developments in anaesthesia, pain control and physiotherapy, one can resume normal routine activities fairly soon after the surgery. Overall, there are two main benefits to be gained from knee replacement surgery:
(1) elimination of pain and (2) improved range of motion.

There are several different implant designs (total implants | partial implants) each offering renewed stability and movement.

Unicondylar Knee Replacement

Also known as partial knee replacement, this involves replacing only the damaged part of the knee and retaining any undamaged parts.

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement or “Arthoplasty” replaces all parts of the diseased knee joint. In this process the joint (bone and surface) is realigned using artificial parts (prostheses). There are 3 artificial parts that can be used.

The femoral (thigh) component is made of metal and covers the end of the thigh bone. It may be cemented to the bone or, for some prostheses, inserted without cement for tissues to grow into the porous coating of the device (biological fixation).

The Tibial (shin bone) component made of metal and polyethylene (medical-grade plastic), covers the top end of the tibia. The metal forms the base of this component. The tibial component is secured to the bone with bone cement.

The third component, patella or knee cap, may be all polyethylene. Depending on the prosthesis used, this part may be fixed with or without cement

Customized Total Knee Replacement

This is the procedure of choice for patients who have a different distorted anatomy of the knee.

In this procedure, the patient is required to undergo a 3-D CT scan of the knee. Based on this scan and with the help of special software, bone cuts are planned. Depending on these cuts the instruments are customized using 3-D printing technology.

The orthopedic team at Ranka Hospital has learnt this art of customization. It has been a boon for patients with distorted knee anatomy.

Computerized Knee Replacement

With the help of advanced technology, we use a navigation system while conducting the procedure. Most often this is used in the case of a total knee replacement.

Gender Specific Knee Replacement

The anatomy of the knee varies slightly across genders. At Ranka Hospital we use gender-specific implants and techniques.

Revision Total Knee Replacement

Redo surgery or knee reconstructive surgery. Various permutation combination of implant components, building up of bone defects and substitution of soft tissue deficiency. Our team for joint replacement services is trained to do this meticulous planning and execution of such complicated procedures.

All implants used by Ranka Hospital are F.D.A approved and the specific registration codes are handed over to the patient post-surgery.

This department is headed by Dr. Ramesh Ranka who has more than 16 years of experience in this super speciality stream of medicine. The super speciality services provided under Orthopaedics at Ranka Hospital are of International standards.

So, why go anywhere else when you have Ranka Hospital, the best knee replacement surgeon in Pune? To book an appointment, connect with us at 020 24261600.

Panel of Doctors:

  • Dr.Ramesh Ranka (M.S Ortho) and team of orthopedic surgeons.