Keep Your Joints Safe

Around this time of the year, when temperature falls down, people start complaining about bone and joint pains. One must take extra care during the winter season to help prevent any form of body pain. Some simple precautions and exercises can keep one fit during this time. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Ramesh Ranka,

That acute lower-back pain could be spinal arthritis

PUNE: For two years, Joel (34) had been laid low with back pain and found no relief in physiotherapy, painkillers or traction.

The source of his trouble was bilateral sacroilitis, inflammation of the joint which connects the spine with the pelvis, a classical manifestation of ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis that affects the spine.


CME on let’s defeat BREAST CANCER was organized at Ranka hospital it was attended by 35 practicing physicians and surgeons the talk was given by Mrs. Khaladkar.DNB ONCOSURGERY
She is Oncosurgeon at Ranka Multi specialty hospital
35 practicing lady physicians


Endovenous diode laser ablation procedure for varicose vein:

We use  1470  diode  Bioletic  laser  equipment  which is one of best  for varicose vein  ablation  at  present  internationally With radial fibre 360 angle.

Advantage :

  • No stay.Patient  can be discharge  after  2 hrs same day.
  • Accuracy  is  95%.
  • Minimum  pain and invasive.
  • Can be treated  small  vessels  and perforators.


A very Innovative and unique therapy  “SYNOVIAL FLUID Replacement THERAPY ” for patients suffering from chronic Knee pain now available  at RANKA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL at Mukundnagar, near Swargate. Free  counselling sessions for above therapy now available with Orthopaedic surgeons starting from Monday-Saturday (13th July 2015-18th July 2015) 4.30 to 8 pm. So grab this opportunity at the earliest.For free registration please contact Mr.Rushikesh Tambatkar on 020-24261530/24261600 Ranka Hospital,