Joint Replacement Hospital in Pune

As we grow older, our bodies and joints become weaker. Disease and ailment play a large part in old age. However, medical science has made a number of health issues easier to deal with. Joint replacement is one such advancement in medical science that we at Ranka Hospital use to help our patients.

Laminectomy Treatment in Pune

Laminectomy is a term many people won’t be much aware about. This condition is known as laminectomy as it involves removing the Lamina (Back part of a vertebra that covers the spinal canal).

This process enlarges your spinal canal & relieves pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. This process is not the first solution,


Spine Fixation Treatment in Pune

Our spinal cord protects the nerves that send messages to the brain. It is made up of a series of
connected bones or vertebrae. These vertebra are stacked on top of each other forming an ‘S’
shape with the curve being the most at the neck and in the lower back. Each vertebra has a disc
between them which acts as a shock absorber.


First Aid Tips For Bone Fractures

Basic First Aid Tips For Bone Fractures

A bone fracture can occur anytime. You could be playing, driving or even walking. Though they are not life threatening, fractures can be extremely painful and require immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage. We at Ranka Hospital will share a few basic first aid tips for fractures in this article.

Arthroscopy is used to Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Understanding Arthroscopy to Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Arthroscopy is used to Diagnose or Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Advances in medical science and technology has made it easier to diagnose certain conditions. Arthroscopy is a technological advancement that we at Ranka Hospital use to understand our patients’ conditions better. Let’s understand how arthroscopy can help diagnose and treat a range of joint problems.

Be Aware of DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis

To put it simply, Deep Vein Thrombosis is a blood clot. Usually when a blood clot occurs, it is not really harmful. However, when the same clot occurs in one of the deeper veins (as opposed to superficial veins) it has the potential of being life threatening.

Deep veins are located deep within the bodies’ muscles.

6 Reasons to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

6 Reasons to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

Your knee hurts but you don’t pay heed to it. Like most people, you hope that it will go away if you ignore for long enough. Well, we’re here to tell you when exactly you need to stop ignoring the pain and visit a doctor.

1. Have you tried home remedies? Knee pain can be reduced with the help of some basic home remedies.