Falling at home, experiencing a car accident, getting a sports injury: traumas can be unexpected and disturbing. At Ranka Hospital we work tirelessly to help you feel like yourself again. Trust our specialized team of Orthopedic Doctors, Certified Physiotherapists and Sports Medicine Experts with your recovery and rehabilitation.

Fractures can occur to anyone, at any time in their life. Treatment of a fracture is focused on restoring function as quickly and as fully as possible. While many fractures will heal on their own, some are best treated surgically. Often, surgical treatment will ensure more complete recovery, and allow for restoration of function much rapidly. Although fracture care has been a part of orthopedics since its very beginning, orthopedic specialists in fracture care are committed to using techniques that are both latest and time tested to ensure that your recovery is the best it can be.

Often a fracture will occur in conjunction with other injuries. When that happens, orthopedic surgeons at the Ranka Hospital work closely with some of the top orthopedic experts in Trauma Care. This ensures that all of your injuries will receive optimal care.

Orthopedic Trauma Conditions That We Treat Are:

Ankle Fractures: Some ankle fractures may only need to be treated by applying a tightly wrapped bandage, resting the damaged ankle, and letting the healing process begin. But other ankle fracture treatments may be necessary for more complex and painful injuries.

Here, at Ranka Hospital fractures are quickly diagnosed and treated with minimally invasive methods by our orthopedic surgeons.

Arm and Elbow Fractures: Among the more common arm and elbow injuries are fractures and dislocations At Ranka Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons can expertly diagnose and treat these problems, incorporating a minimally invasive approach to surgery. This ensures your recovery period is quicker, with dramatically fewer complications and setbacks.

Hand and Finger Fractures: To help you get back to your normal routine faster, we use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, leading to shorter recovery times and less scarring. If surgery is needed to heal your hand or finger fracture, we often use closed reduction and fixation to realign and set broken bones and reduce the likelihood of deformity.

Hip Fractures and Pelvis Injuries: Acetabular fractures or hip fractures occur in the area where the pelvis meets the head of the femur, known as the hip socket. The acetabulum is actually the “socket” in the “ball-and-socket hip joint.” Although not very common, these complex fractures are usually caused by direct trauma like: high falls or car accidents to the pelvis and or femur.

Our orthopedic surgeons treat these fractures with minimally invasive techniques to decrease your pain and improve your recovery time.

Leg Fractures: If surgery is necessary to heal your fracture, know that you’re in good hands at Ranka Hospital. To help you recover faster and with less scarring, we use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. You’ll find the support you need from day one. We will also be with you to answer all your questions and ease your mind, because we want to do everything we can to keep you be comfortable and relaxed.