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7 Side Effects of Wearing High Heels

Wearing high heels could be fun. They make you look taller, more stylish, and better about yourself. Not to forget the aesthetic value they add to your outfit! But did you know wearing high heels may have various severe repercussions in the long run? Yes. From lower back pain to ankle sprains, beware of these seven side effects of high heels.

1. Lower Back Pain

High heels do not provide full support to your feet. It results in an uneven distribution of weight, leading to inflammation, soreness, and pain in the lower back.

2. Foot Pain

High heels are visually pleasing and signify a style statement for many. But no matter how attractive, high heels are uncomfortable. People habitual to them may not readily agree to it. But high heels cause discomfort, causing a foot ache. You may suffer from sharp pain in your heel, arch, sole, or toes.

3. Constricted Blood Vessels

Relating high heels with blood vessels may sound too much but that’s another unignorable side effect of wearing high heels. High heel shoes usually make the feet appear slenderer and longer. The shoe shape squeezes the foot in an unnatural and uncomfortable position. It can stress the foot and constrict the blood flow. In some severe cases, the blood vessels may also break!

4. Spinal Curve Changes

High heels make you look glamorous. But they also make the lower back arch out more than normal. The heel’s height is commensurate with the degree of arch in your back. Such an uncomfortable arch can result in severe pain in the upper and lower back.

5. Weakened Ligaments

Ligament weakening is another critical side effect of high heels. Continuous, prolonged, and frequent use of high heels may affect ligament strength. Your ligament strength is surely more important than those few moments of looking fashionable. Hence, you should try and avoid using high heels as much as possible.

6. Knee Pain

Wearing high heels results in an awkward curvature of the leg. It puts excessive pressure on the knee joint. The result could be the onset of osteoarthritis in the long run.

7. Ankle Sprains

Using high heels, especially on uneven surfaces, may lead to ankle sprain, falls, and injuries that can break the ankles and knees. What’s even more serious is that you don’t know how awkwardly you would land after falling and which part you would injure. Hence, you should avoid wearing high heels every day.

If at all you want to wear them, limit wearing them only to special occasions, where you would be wearing them for a shorter duration and you wouldn’t have to walk as much.

So, these were seven side effects of wearing high heels. Remember, your body parts and overall health are more significant than your looks. Hence, you should refrain from wearing high heels as much as possible. It is better to keep the consequences at bay rather than spend time, energy, and effort in treating them.

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