7 Things to Avoid for Healthy Kidneys

In India, renal diseases are on the rise. Per reports, nearly 8 million people in the country live with chronic kidney diseases. Furthermore, about 2 million people annually die from acute kidney injury worldwide. Of course, age is one factor. But younger ones, as much as only 30-40 years old, also are contracting renal diseases.

That’s undoubtedly alarming! But what can you do to avoid kidney diseases? In other words, what is it that you shouldn’t do or avoid to maintain excellent kidney health? Here are seven things to avoid to maintain healthy kidneys.

  1. Smoking

Avoid smoking! Stop it as early as this moment itself. Smoking doesn’t benefit you in any way. While affecting the lungs, it also causes prolonged spasms in the arteries. The latter affects the blood supply to critical organs like the kidney.

  • Insufficient Sleep

Take enough rest. Sleep is an opportunity for the otherwise day-long busy organs to replenish and restore their functionality to prepare for the next day. Insufficient sleep doesn’t allow them the time to rejuvenate. What will a tired organ do? Of course, it will malfunction. Kidneys aren’t an exception to it!

  • High Salt Intake

High salt intake disturbs the body’s sodium balance. It compels kidneys to work more and causes high blood pressure. Consult a doctor to know the salt needs of your body to maintain the sodium balance.

  • Excess Protein Intake

Proteins form an integral part of a nutritious diet. But consuming them in excess can have severe repercussions. The body will excrete excess protein through the urine. It will negatively impact the functioning of your kidneys. Again, consulting a doctor and knowing how much protein intake is specifically needed in your case can help.

  • Excess Alcohol

People suffering from chronic kidney diseases must limit alcohol intake to the recommended amount per day. Consuming alcohol in excess can impact kidneys, affecting their ability to filter blood and regulate the right amount of water in the blood. Besides, alcohol can dehydrate your body and affect kidney functioning.

  • Stress

Stress is now accepted as an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. But living with it doesn’t mean you allow it to ruin your life and body organs! Living under immense stress can affect your body. It can increase blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc. Collectively, these factors can affect the kidneys. The key is to limit stress by indulging in exercises like Yogasan and regular physical activity.

  • Excess Trans Fat

Avoid excess intake of trans fat. It is particularly harmful to people living with DKD, as it can heighten the risk of clogged blood vessels and heart diseases. Nevertheless, even if you are a healthy individual, avoid trans fats, the source of which are foods like frozen pizzas, cakes, margarine, crackers, fried foods, etc.

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