Gadgets for Covid-19 Management at Home

As the pandemic spreads and intensifies, COVID-19 patients continue to grow at an even faster rate. The steep rise in the number of COVID patients admitting to the hospital every day is proving a management and safety challenge for hospitals. Hence, the only way out to prevent the spread of the virus to home quarantine people and patients.

But, during home quarantine, how do you take care of yourself, and identify the visible early signs of the onset of COVID-19 in your body? The answer is through a couple of gadgets. So, read this blog to know how the use of these simple gadgets, including the Pulse Oximeter, can help you identify the signs.

  • Simple Infrared Thermometer

Thermometer, as you know, is a device that helps you measure the body temperature through the non-contact technique. The use is pretty simple, and it gives you instant body temperature.

  • Pulse Oximeter

Alongside the simple infrared thermometer, another essential device that every household should have is a Pulse Oximeter. So, how does the Pulse Oximeter work? Open the flap of the device, and place the index finger inside the device. The device measures your pulse rate and oxygen saturation rate.

Now, why is placing the finger necessary? It is because the fingertip of your body contains maximum blood supply, and therefore gives the most accurate oxygenation in your body.

  • The 6-Minute Walk Test

If you suspect the onset of COVID-19 in your body, you must check your body temperature, and oxygen level at least two to three times a day. A six-minute walk proves useful in determining your body’s oxygen saturation. It involves inserting your finger in the Pulse Oximeter and walking for six minutes. After the walk, if the oxygen saturation reading is below 90, you must go to the hospital at the earliest.

  • Why take the 6-Minute Walk Test?

Unlike in the other cases of Hypoxia, the COVID-19 infection causes an individual to suffer from a condition called Happy Hypoxia. In this, the oxygen level falls before 70%, and yet the patient stays fine for some time and may collapse a couple of hours later. The six-minute walk test, through the Pulse Oximeter, detects early Happy Hypoxia to admit the patient to the hospital in the early stages.

Ranka Hospital ensures people’s safety through adherence to the standard COVID-19 protocol. These devices are available with Ranka Hospitals. So, make sure that you’ve got these devices at home to detect the early signs of COVID-19.

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