How to Create a Clean Environment to Prevent Dengue?

Dengue mosquitoes breed in an unclean environment. They multiply quickly enough to spread the disease rapidly and affect many staying around. In that case, everyone must maintain a clean environment and prevent dengue instead of curing it. Let us see how to create a clean environment to avoid dengue around you.

5 Tips to Create a Clean Environment for Dengue Prevention

  1. Keep Your Home Clean

Remember, it all starts with you. So, at the outset, keep your home clean. Ensure you clean it every day and dispose of garbage regularly to avoid letting the dirt in your home become a breeding center for dengue mosquitoes.

  • Prevent Mosquitoes from Entering Your Home

You may not be able to do much about the mosquitoes outside. But you can disallow them from entering your home by keeping your windows closed during the early morning and evening hours, as that’s the time when mosquitoes try to enter your home. Besides, use a mosquito repellent to kill mosquitoes that might still find a way in your home.

  • Don’t Leave Stagnant Water.

Stagnant water develops into a breeding hub for dengue mosquitoes. So, ensure you do not let water accumulate anywhere in or near your house. Besides, do not store water for a long time, as water stored in buckets, etc., can also cause dengue mosquitoes to breed and blossom. If you notice stagnant water in gutters, make sure that you call the relevant authorities and get it cleaned to avoid the spread of various infectious diseases arising from it.

  • Wash Your Hands and Feet

Develop the habit of washing your hands and feet regularly, especially after getting wet in rains. Washing hands and feet with an antibacterial soap helps you remove harmful bacteria and protect yourself from bacterial infections to a significant extent. Further, also teach the importance of washing hands and feet within your children to help them keep themselves away from dengue.

  • Dispose Garbage Appropriately

As stated earlier, garbage disposal is of equal importance while preventing dengue. You must always segregate dry and wet waste and keep the garbage bins closed at all times.

Additionally, ensure you and your children always wear full clothes while stepping out of the home, and follow a balanced and healthy diet to enhance immunity against various diseases.

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