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Importance Of Physiotherapy In COVID-19 Pandemic

Front-line doctors and nurses are undoubtedly doing a commendable job amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But, while we continue to appreciate their relentless efforts, we must also acknowledge the contribution of physiotherapists, who’ve been working tirelessly to help critical COVID patients recover quickly. This blog explores the instrumental role of physiotherapists during these tough pandemic times.

Why is Physiotherapy a Significant Aspect Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Besides being characterized by high fever, cough, excruciating throat pain, body ache, and fatigue, COVID affects the individual’s respiratory system, subsequently affecting his breathing mechanism and oxygen uptake. Such patients require assistance to improve the breathing mechanism and oxygen levels for a speedy recovery. It is here that cardio respiratory physiotherapy, one of the effective forms of physiotherapy, proves useful.

What is Cardio respiratory Physiotherapy?

Cardio respiratory physiotherapy entails a broad range of activities. It includes teaching various breathing exercises, gentle clapping on the chest, recommending practices to improve posture, etc. Further, it involves positioning the body appropriately to optimize oxygen management and lung functioning.

Alongside these, physiotherapists help patients move to the edge of the bed, sit in a chair, and stand up from a seated position. It involves the use of tilting chairs or hoists to support movements.

The physiotherapy needs of every patient may vary. But exercises that enhance flexibility, pulmonary functions, strength, mobility, posture, self-care management, etc. can benefit everyone. Besides, physiotherapists can also guide nurses to ensure patients’ proper positioning to reduce pressure injuries and nerve impingement.

What about Patients in the Critical Care Unit?

Patients in the critical care unit require the highest levels of medical care, out of which physiotherapy is one. It can help patients weaning off ventilators and start early rehabilitation to reduce muscle de conditioning and weakness during a severe illness. Nevertheless, the rehabilitation team monitors the patient’s progress, tolerance, and individual reactions to design customized exercise programs.

Do Patients Follow Physiotherapy even after Leaving the Hospital?

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices as well apply to patients fit enough to go home. They, too, must continue with physiotherapy to ensure quicker recovery and reap long-term benefits. In a lot of hospitals, physiotherapists give these patients a proper treatment plan. They assess the patient’s long-term needs and conduct physiotherapy sessions through video calls to continue with the same recovery speed.

Ranka Hospitals – Your Health Partner for COVID-19 Care!

Ranka Hospital employs doctors, COVID-19 front-line specialists, and physiotherapists to help its patients recover better and quicker. The hospital follows the necessary COVID-19 protocol and has the required medical equipment to ensure the most appropriate COVID care for its patients. For more details on Ranka’s COVID care, connect with Ranka Hospitals at +91 20 2426 1600 / 98230 49074

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