Importance of Physiotherapy – Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery

In many surgeries, doctors prescribe a pre-and post-surgery physiotherapy program. While pre-surgery physiotherapy prepares the patient for surgery, post-surgery physiotherapy accelerates the recovery process. But there’s more to it. So, let’s explore why pre-and post-surgery physiotherapy is so significant in every surgery, especially the orthopedic ones

What is Physiotherapy?

Also termed physical therapy, physiotherapy helps restore movements and functions affected due to an injury, illness, or replacement surgery. It proves beneficial for people of various ages and helps enhance the results of a particular operation. It reduces the patient’s dependence while improving their mobility and enabling them to perform routine activities and movements efficiently.

Physiotherapy isn’t only about performing movements or exercises. Instead, it is a well-being program that involves the patient’s participation. It also includes increasing awareness about a particular activity among patients. Physiotherapy holistically aims to empower patients instead of only helping them.

Significance of Pre-Surgery Physiotherapy

Let’s first understand what pre-surgery physiotherapy is? Pre-surgery therapy prepares patients for an operation and recuperates from it safely. It is a personalized exercise conditioning regime that involves training muscles in advance for post-surgery exercises.

Pre-surgery physiotherapy aims to reduce pain, improve range of motion and enhance the surgery’s outcome. Holistically, it helps strengthen a patient’s fitness to undergo surgery. Some benefits of pre-surgery physiotherapy include,

  • Relieve patient from pain
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Regain strength and flexibility
  • Increase stamina
  • Reduce recovery time and hospital stay
  • Lower surgery complications

Importance of Post-Surgery Physiotherapy

Post-surgery physiotherapy or rehabilitation involves a set of activities patients perform after the operation. It consists in designing a customized physiotherapy plan that helps patients manage postoperative pain.

Post-surgery rehabilitation can take several weeks to a few months, depending on the patient’s age, complexity, condition, and response to the treatment. It begins shortly after surgery to enable the joint to heal appropriately. Here are some benefits that indicate the significance of post-surgery rehabilitation.

  • Helps manage and reduce postoperative pain
  • Regain motion and muscle strength
  • Reduce muscle stiffness and swelling
  • Enable quicker post-surgery recovery
  • Minimize the adverse effects of the operation
  • Restore normal movements
  • Increase muscle flexibility and balance

Both pre-and post-surgery physiotherapy demands a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. At Ranka Hospital, we employ a team of physiotherapists while provide the correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and expert surgical procedures. Our physiotherapists devise personalized pre-and post-surgery physiotherapy programs based on the various circumstances of the patient.

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