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Physiotherapy for Seniors Improving Mobility and Quality of Life

Age surely brings wisdom. But with that, it also results in several health concerns. Loss of flexibility, limited range of motion, and bone strength are some common ones.

Losing a certain amount of flexibility and strength in old age is natural. But when these problems restrict daily movements and cause pain, living routine life could also become challenging. Fortunately, seniors don’t have to live with these problems, for they can follow physiotherapy that can help them enhance mobility and quality of life. So, here are five generic and straightforward physiotherapy exercises for seniors.

1. One-Leg Stand

This is an effective yet pretty straightforward exercise that helps seniors enhance balance. Here’s how to perform this exercise. Stand with your feet together and lift your right knee up to bring your feet off the ground. Hold the position for about eight to ten seconds and then return to the initial position. Repeat with the other side. You may hold onto the wall with one hand if required.

2. Clock Reach

Clock reach is another vital exercise that helps strengthen the hips and ankles. All you have to do is hold a chair with your left hand and imagine a clock with 12 in the front and 6 behind. Now, stand on your left leg and move your arm to 12’o clock. After that, reach 3 and 6’o clock. Perform the same procedure with the other side.

3. Heel-to-Toe Walking

Walking heel to toe helps strengthen the legs and enables you to walk without falling. How do to do it? Put your right foot in front of your left one to touch the heel of your right foot to the top of the toes of your left one. Now, move your left foot in front of the right, putting weight on your heel. Further, shift your weight to the toes. Once done, do the same procedure with your left foot. Try to walk about 15-20 steps.

3. Back Leg Raises

This one is a vital exercise that strengthens the bottom and lower back. Stand behind a chair and gradually lift your right leg straight back. Remember, don’t bend your knees or point your toes. Hold the position for a second and slowly bring down your leg back. Perform the procedure about 12-15 times with each leg.

4. Wall Pushups

Stand at an arm’s distance in front of a plain wall without anything like doors, windows, paintings, etc. Lean forward a little and place your palms flat on the wall at your shoulder height and width. Keep your feet positioned as you gradually bring your body near the wall. Slowly push yourself so that your arms stay straight. Perform 12-15 repetitions.

The above ones are generic exercises. Consult a physiotherapist for specific exercises and perform them in their presence to perform them safely and effectively. At Ranka Hospital, our team of experienced physiotherapists can chart a personalized physiotherapy program to help seniors increase mobility and enhance their quality of life. Call us at +91 20 2426 1600 to book an appointment with our physiotherapists.

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