The Impact of Obesity on Your Body and Health

While already a serious concern, obesity is projected to become more critical than ever with over half of the world’s population going obese in 10-12 years! Obesity develops when a person’s weight exceeds the figure usually considered healthy for their height. Irregular eating habits, excessive junk food, sedentary lifestyle, and the lack of physical activity are some reasons that have led to the rapid proliferation of obesity worldwide.

But obesity isn’t only about excess weight. It is a much more complex disease that can severely impact an individual’s body, leading to a series of health problems if not prevented or controlled and reversed in time. However, how exactly can obesity impact a person’s body and health? Let’s look at the answer in this blog.

Obesity and its Effect on Your Health

Obesity can lead to various complexities, many of which could become lifetime companions. While the type of complication and its intensity would vary from person to person, some common effects of obesity on one’s health may include the following.

1. Diabetes

Obesity and diabetes share a close relationship. Diabetes features high blood sugar levels. It can progress to various other complications like blindness, impotence, high blood pressure, kidney disease, amputations, hard-to-heal infections, and more.

2. Heart Diseases

Another significant condition having a close connection with obesity is heart disease. Research suggests people suffering from obesity are at a higher risk of contracting heart diseases. People with severe obesity may also suffer from a heart attack. One cannot discount the chances of cardiac arrests as well!

3. Cancer

Obesity could also lead to cancer in many people. An increase in the person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) heightens the risk of cancer and death from it. Some common cancer types resulting from obesity can include cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer, thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, and many more.

4. Stroke

Obesity stresses the entire circulatory system, carrying blood through the body via the vessels. Such stress increases the risk of stroke and could also lead to vessel damage in the brain. Some stroke risk factors include hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.

5. Alzheimer’s

Another significant impact of obesity on a person’s body and health includes Alzheimer’s disease. Obesity during middle age may lead to conditions increasing the risk for diseases impacting the person’s memory and the ability to think clearly. It includes Alzheimer’s and dementia in the long run.


People suffering from obesity are also at a high risk of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). GERD or heartburn results in stomach acid or intestinal secretions hurting the esophagus. Some common symptoms may include coughing in the night, indigestion, hoarseness, throwing up food, and belching.

7. Reproductive Issues

Obesity can also complicate conception. It is associated with reduced testosterone levels that lead to such complications. In addition, obesity can also result in various complications during pregnancy.

8. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the consequence of a series of events. Additional fat tissue in the body demands more oxygen and nutrients. So, the blood vessels will have to circulate more blood to the extra fat tissue. That makes the heart work harder to pump blood in the body. More blood circulation exerts pressure on the arterial walls. It is the additional pressure that is termed high blood pressure or hypertension.

Of course, there’s much more to obesity and its impact on your body and health. Hence, it is prudent to prevent obesity rather than reversing it as until then the body would already have suffered significant damage. Visit Ranka Hospital if you are looking for specific consultations on obesity, prevention, and reversal. Call us at +91 20 2426 1600 to book an appointment with our doctors.

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