6 Signs It May Be Time to Consider Back Surgery

Back pain has become a common concern these days. Some factors like a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activities, improper seating positions, etc., could be blamed for it. In most cases, back pain alleviates after adequate rest and through various non-surgical treatment options like back exercises and physiotherapy. But in some cases, back pain graduates to a level where surgery could be the only option. So, which are the signs you should remain mindful of while considering back surgery? Let’s see six of them.

1. Constant Back Pain for Over a Month

As said earlier, in most cases, back pain reduces or stops after adequate rest or within a month or so. But if you’ve been suffering from back pain for over a month, you need an advanced treatment, probably something beyond home-based or non-surgical treatment options like ice packs, heat, pain medications, etc. Consult your doctor and diagnosis to know if surgery is the only option.

2. Restricted Back Movements

Continuous back pain can restrict your routine back movements. Chronic back pain can distance you from your favorite activities like sports, trekking, etc. However, it can also cause pain at work and distract your focus from your routine responsibilities. That’s how back pain gradually takes over your life. But instead of letting that happen, you should see your doctor and know if an operation can help you enhance your mobility.

3. Back Pain Extending to Arms and Legs

A few back conditions like bone spurs and herniated discs can pressurize the nerves around the spinal column, causing pain in the arms and legs. Surgery can help resolve the problem by removing the source of pressure in your spine and creating more space for your spinal canal. Surgeons shave away the bone part and spinal tissue pressing on your nerves and leading to pain radiating to the arms and legs.

4. Progressing Spinal Deformity

Spinal deformities stem from an abnormal spine curvature or rotation. The most common one is scoliosis, causing wear and tear to the back owing to aging or past back surgeries. You may have an insignificant curvature progressing with time and damaging the vertebrae and compressing lungs. If you were treated for scoliosis in the past and symptoms like numbness, pain, back stiffness, etc., have been worsening, consult a doctor and get the condition diagnosed and treated appropriately.

5. Non-Surgical Treatments Proving Ineffective

It is pretty obvious that if physical therapy, epidural injections, anti-inflammatory medications, etc., are proving ineffective, you’d need something more impactful to relieve your pain. Surgery could prove an option, based on the doctor’s diagnosis.

6. Bladder or Bowel Concerns

Our body is made of several intertwined parts. One affected part can impact many others, indicating a severe concern. Accordingly, bladder or bowel issues can result from back pain due to pressure on the nerves providing function to the bowel and bladder. Conditions like spinal stenosis or herniated disc can lead to such concerns.

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