chronic pain management

Relieve Your Pain & Postpone Your Surgery

Don’t be afraid, be aware and careful. Many of the
elderly population, presently under tremendous agony due to long standing bone
and joint pain.

  • Chronic problem like:
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Any bone and joint problems

My recommendation is to avoid any surgery unless it
is absolutely necessary till we begin to see a downward trend in the number of
Covid-19 cases.

ACL injury in women

Why Sports-Women are four times more prone to ACL injury?

The collective awareness regarding the importance of
sports has risen dramatically in India, and an increasing number of girls are
also playing some form of sport today. Football, soccer, tennis, badminton and
basketball are popular sports among girls in India.

But with increased participation in sports, doctors
find sports injuries among women to be rising,

Arthroscopy is used to Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Understanding Arthroscopy to Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Arthroscopy is used to Diagnose or Treat a Range of Joint Problems

Advances in medical science and technology has made it easier to diagnose certain conditions. Arthroscopy is a technological advancement that we at Ranka Hospital use to understand our patients’ conditions better. Let’s understand how arthroscopy can help diagnose and treat a range of joint problems.

6 Reasons to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

6 Reasons to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

Your knee hurts but you don’t pay heed to it. Like most people, you hope that it will go away if you ignore for long enough. Well, we’re here to tell you when exactly you need to stop ignoring the pain and visit a doctor.

1. Have you tried home remedies? Knee pain can be reduced with the help of some basic home remedies.

Hope for Millions of Knee Arthritic patients

Hope for Millions of Knee Arthritic patients With USFDA approved Synovial Fluid Replacement therapy

Dr. Ramesh Ranka, Chief Orthopeadic Surgeon, Ranka Hospital

A young lady around the age of 45came to me narrating the discomforting pain she experienced while climbing the stairs of a three storeyed building which did not have any lift she expressed her feelings of frustration and helplessness and asked “What can I do to relieve the pain in my Knee”
The lady patient said she had tried all sorts of things to deal with the pain.