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7 Myths and Facts of Spine Surgery

Have your spine problems graduated to a level where you do not have any option but to undergo surgery? Then it is pretty obvious for you to discuss it. But while doing so, expect a storm of suggestions and pieces of advice to hit you! While some bits of advice could prove helpful, most would be myths that have settled as the truth for years. So, let’s look at seven myths and facts associated with spine surgery.

Spine Surgery Myth # 1: If you visit a spine surgeon, you will end up having surgery

No. That’s not the case every time. If you are required to have the spine operated you do not have any other viable option, you will be prescribed surgery. But consulting a trustworthy surgeon will allow you to explore non-surgical treatment options (if the surgeons see it as a possibility in your case). So, visiting a spine surgeon doesn’t mean you will have to necessarily undergo an operation.

Spine Surgery Myth # 2: Spine surgeries are risky

Of course, every operation has an element of risk associated with it. However, experienced and dependable surgeons will follow the safest and best surgical practices and ensure they operate the spine as safely as possible. Technological advancements have helped increase spine surgery safety through minimally invasive surgeries involving making a small incision, undergoing quicker recovery, and having fewer intricacies.

Spine Surgery Myth # 3: Spine surgeries cause more pain

It is normal to experience anxiety before undergoing surgery owing to the risk and post-operative pain involved. Of course, every surgery causes some recuperative pain. But undergoing minimally invasive surgeries causes less pain than their conventional counterparts. Besides, your surgeon would also prescribe a pain management plan to reduce the pain you’d experience after the operation.

Spine Surgery Myth # 4: Surgery will make you addicted to medications!

Again, that’s not true. Doctors will suggest a plethora of medicines to manage pain and various intertwined actions and reactions of the medicines you will be consuming. However, most medicines are given for a stipulated period after which you’d be asked to stop consuming them, depending on their effectiveness in your case. In addition to medicines, doctors would also create a proper physiotherapy plan to restore strength.

Spine Surgery Myth # 5: Spine surgery will restrict your lifestyle

Surgeries certainly affect your lifestyle and put some restrictions on your movements. But most restrictions are temporary. In the case of your spine, you’d be given physiotherapy to help restore spinal strength and make movements more seamless.

Spine Surgery Myth # 6: Spine surgeries require months of bed rest

Advanced technology and treatment procedures have helped accelerate the spine post-surgery recovery period. Yes. It will surely take some time for you to resume normal life. But with contemporary post-surgery recovery procedures, you’d be able to walk properly within a couple of days of surgery. But the response to treatment and recovery time would vary with the patient and depend on their age, existing health condition, etc.

Spine Surgery Myth # 7: Pain will disappear forever!

An effectively and appropriately performed spine surgery can provide relief from pain and enhance the patient’s quality of life. But it doesn’t mean that the pain will disappear forever. Even after surgery, patients might experience brief and recurring spells of pain. Although yes, the situation will be much better than earlier.

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