7 Tips to Prevent Diabetic Foot Infection

If not treated on time and appropriately, diabetic foot infections could aggravate. They might leave no option for the doctors but to amputate the patient’s limb. Approximately 50 percent of all lower limb amputations are driven by diabetes.

Within that, well over 80 percent of the amputations result from foot ulcers that graduate to gangrene or severe infection. While all these statistics and consequences send chills down the spine, you can prevent diabetic foot infections and avoid harmful repercussions. Here are seven tips to prevent diabetic foot infection.

How is Diabetic Ulcers Formed?

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels damage blood vessels and nerves. They result in poor blood circulation, increasing the likelihood of foot ulcers if foot care is neglected. These ulcers never heal or take a very long time to cure, thus increasing the chances of infection. Infections can require hospitalization and may even lead to limb amputation!

7 Tips to Avoid Diabetic Foot Infection.

Here are some quick and straightforward ways to avoid diabetic foot infections.

  1. Control Blood Sugar Levels: One of the most effective ways to avoid diabetic foot infection is to control blood sugar levels by ensuring proper diet and exercise.
  2. Ensure Proper Foot Hygiene: Wash your feet every day with warm water and a mild soap bar to avoid the onset of infections.
  3. Use Diabetic Footwear: Wear diabetic footwear that fits well and keeps the feet safe. Also, avoid walking barefoot.
  4. Stop Smoking: Smoking affects blood circulation. Hence, keep yourself away from habits like smoking that damage your body in multiple ways.
  5. Ensure Adequate Physical Activity: Take up exercises like walking or running daily to keep yourself physically active and ensure good blood circulation.
  6. Monitor Your Feet: While keeping your feet clean and hygienic, check your feet for new cuts, wounds, and scrapes.
  7. Administer Ulcers Medically: If you see foot ulcers developing, don’t take care of them yourself. Visit your diabetologist or podiatrist to treat it appropriately.

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