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Choosing the Best Surgeon for Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in Pune

Are you or your loved ones going to undergo knee or hip replacement surgery? Both are significant operations. Hence, you need an expert knee and hip replacement surgeon in Pune to ensure safety, success, and sustainability. Here are five essential factors you must check before you finalize a surgeon.

1.Medical Qualifications and Experience

Your prospective surgeon should have the necessary medical qualifications to perform surgeries and experience in performing various surgeries successfully. In addition, the surgeon should answer all your questions seamlessly and accurately while being transparent and honest about the operation you are about to undergo.

2.Success Rate and Patient Feedback

This is another essential factor. Check out online and offline reviews about the knee and hip replacement surgeon in Pune you are about to choose. The overall success rate should be convincing, and patient feedback should be positive.

Preferably, go for surgeons with whom you’ve come in contact via referrals. They are tested and proven. You don’t have to delve a lot to know about them.

3.Hospital Facilities and Infrastructure

The hospital should have all the necessary infrastructure like specialized operation theaters, adequate ICU beds, the latest and efficient surgical equipment, well-maintained and clean wards, qualified and courteous nursing staff, etc.

Often, people have positive feedback about the surgeon but not about the hospital’s nursing staff, other human resources, or the environment. Check out for such reviews. You wouldn’t want to treat yourself in a place with poor aftercare.

Also, check out the types of replacement surgical procedures they can perform. The hospital should provide options based on the suitability of those options in your case. It will help you make a less painful, more effective, and quicker recovery option.

4.Insurance Tie-Ups

Yes, that’s crucial to check if you have medical insurance. Usually, hospitals display a list of Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) and insurance companies. Know your TPA and see if the hospital has a tie-up with your insurance company and TPA.

Additionally, discuss your case thoroughly with the hospital’s insurance manager and the possibility of getting approval for your case. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises in the form of claim rejections later, requiring you to pay the money from your pocket. This will take some time and effort. But it is worth it, given the surgery’s cost.

5.Overall Patient Care

Patient care refers to prompt service, billing transparency, efficiency, cooperative staff, cafeteria facility, post-operative care, etc. Evaluate the hospital on all these factors to make the right and informed choice.

Listed as one of the top ten hospitals in Pune by The Times of India, Ranka Hospital is a hospital you can trust for all knee and hip replacement surgeries. Ranka Hospital has a team of best orthopedic doctors in Pune. Our qualified and experienced surgeons, world-class diagnostic and surgical infrastructure, excellent post-operative care, and courteous staff members make us a reliable healthcare center. Call us at +91 20 2426 1600 for consultation appointments.

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