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Choosing the Right Spine Surgeon in Pune: Factors to Consider

Your spinal problems have graduated to a level where you need surgery to treat them. First things first, you’ll need a reliable spine surgeon to have your questions answered and help you get rid of them. But the success of your surgery and aftercare will significantly depend upon the surgeon you choose. So, how do you choose the right spine surgeon? Here are six factors to consider while selecting the best-suited one.

6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Spine Surgeon in Pune

From experience to track record, you should assess a spine surgeon and make a choice based on the below six factors.

1. Check for Referrals

Surgeons are usually chosen and consulted based on referrals from friends, family, or acquaintances and their experiences. It reduces half your investigative workload, as you bank upon the trust of the person you know. Accordingly, look for referrals within your circles. It is unfortunate. But spinal problems have become very common. Hence, it is likely you’d get at least one referral from your network.

2. Surgeon’s Experience

If you’ve found a surgeon through online research or portals, visit the surgeon in-person and get into a discussion concerning their experience, number of surgeries, types of surgeries they can perform, etc. Some questions would be direct, while some indirect. However, ensure you get a comprehensive idea of the surgeon’s credibility. Also, check the surgeon’s academic and professional credentials to determine their trustworthiness.

3. Answering Your Questions

Another significant indicator of excellent and responsible surgeons is whether the surgeon answers your questions or not. Ideally, the surgeon should answer all your relevant questions concerning spinal problems and surgeries accurately and transparently. Their answers can help you make informed decisions about the operation.

4. Diagnostic and Surgical Infrastructure

While interacting with the surgeon, also check the hospital’s diagnostic and surgical infrastructure. Assess the kind of infrastructure they use, whether competent and contemporary or relatively obsolete. The idea is to get your condition accurately diagnosed and also ensure that the operation is performed safely and effectively.

5. Success Rate

In addition to the above, also check out the surgeon’s success rate, which refers to how successful and sustainable all the surgeries performed by the surgeon are. Besides, do not discount checking factors like post-surgery care, staff members, visiting specialists, administrative ease and convenience, empaneled insurance providers, etc.

Remember, it isn’t only surgery that matters but other factors to have a seamless, safe, and comfortable surgery experience at the hospital.

We hope we gave adequate insights on choosing the right spine surgeon for your needs. Consider choosing Ranka Hospital for trustworthy spine surgeons in Pune with a cumulative experience of decades operating spinal conditions and injuries of varying types and extents. Our spine surgeons ensure appropriate diagnosis, answer all your questions and prescribe the right treatment and surgery type to suit your condition.

Call us at +91 20 2426 1600 to book an appointment with our surgeons.

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