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Early Warning Signs of Arthritis you should Never Ignore

Joint pain once in a while or after heavy physical activities is fine. Almost everyone experiences it. But if you experience longer and more frequent spells of such pain, you shouldn’t ignore them. It is because such pain could signify the progression of arthritis. But joint pain isn’t the only early warning sign of arthritis. A few others also indicate the potential onset and development of arthritis. Let’s look at a few prominent ones.

7 Early Warning Signs of Arthritis

Here are seven critical early warning signs of arthritis you should remain watchful about.

Joint Tenderness

Tenderness in joints has a close association with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune form of arthritis featuring persistent inflammation. In rheumatoid arthritis, the membrane protecting and lubricating joints undergoes inflammation, resulting in tenderness. One experiences joint tenderness with other signs like joint swelling, redness, warmth, joint pain, and joint effusion.

  • Joint Redness

Redness in joints signifies inflammation. In situations like these, doctors usually suggest performing tests like erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein to determine the cause of inflammation, whether inflammatory arthritis or joint infection.

  • Fever

Some people may suffer from fever as an early sign of arthritis. The body usually develops a fever to combat infection or as a response to inflammatory arthritis.

  • Continuous Fatigue

Feeling tired is normal. We all get tired after continuous work or physical activities. Normal fatigue alleviates after adequate rest. But in some cases, people feel tired even after taking sufficient rest. It could result from joint symptoms and inflammation. See a doctor if you feel fatigued persistently and for no reason.

  • Warm Joints

Hot or warm joints also signify inflammation, injury, or infection. The involvement of arthritis and warm joints denote a more severe condition, septic arthritis. It results from a fungal or bacterial infection in the joint or reactive arthritis caused due to a bacterial infection anywhere across the body.

  • Grating Sensation or Sound

Some individuals hear a grating sound or sensation in the joints while performing movements. Such a sound or feeling indicates that the joint has worn down. Although more common in knee and hip joints, it can occur in other joints as well.

  • Feeling of Illness

Medically known as malaise, it is a general feeling of illness or lack of well-being. It could result from inflammation, persistent pain, or loss of mobility. It isn’t associated with being negative, as many people think and wrongfully blame the person for it. Instead, it is a physical outcome of living with continuous and sharp pain.

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