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Gold Knee Implant

Total knee replacement is one of the most important revolution in the field of orthopaedic.

This revolutionary surgery and implant has alleviated pain, disability and morbidity of millions of senior citizens.

Due to constant improvement in the quality, technique and design of the implant. We have long lasting results. Thus bringing down the failure rate remarkably.

One of the latest improvement has been development of the gold knee. It is a titanium implant with gold colour. It is today the most bio compatible and non-allergic implant that is available.

A small number of patients are allergic to the routine alloy being used for the total knee implant. This can be judged, in many cases, by asking the patient, if they have allergic reaction at the site of wearing watch, necklace or chain etc.

I would recommend using the gold knee to such patients.

At Ranka hospital, we use this implant in selected patients.

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