How Does Lifting Impact Your Joints?

How Does Lifting Impact Your Joints?

Weight lifting helps strengthen joints. But many people associate weight lifting with joint pain or damage in the short or long run. So, there’s a flip side to the coin. Let’s look at it and see how and why lifting can impact your joints. We will also overview some precautions to avoid joint injuries while lifting weights.

What Happens to Joints During Weight Training?

While performing weight lifting, you essentially exert pressure on your muscles to make them adapt to the stressed circumstances and, thus, strengthen them.

So, how does this activity affect your joints? Now, it is a well-known fact that the contraction of muscles enables joint movement. When muscles are strong and function efficiently, they can handle the movement pressure and prevent joint strain that results in discomfort, pain, and bad form.

Factors Affecting Joint While Lifting Weights

While there could be several factors like the individual’s age, weight, etc., a couple of common factors leading to joint pain while lifting weights include the below.

  • Lifting Excess Weight

This is a widespread cause of joint pain while lifting weights. You must be attentive to your body’s indications, the most significant of which is pain. Pain while lifting weights signifies that something is wrong. Either your posture is incorrect, or you are lifting more weight than you can handle. Both can exert pressure on the joints and muscles and hurt them. Even worse, you may pull or tear a muscle!

  • Exercising With an Incorrect Form

Lifting weights demands the correct form to minimize the risk of injury. A slightly wrong posture also may cause a joint or muscle damage. Seeking professional assistance can help here, especially if you are a novice. Fitness trainers can help you maintain the proper form while exercising, thus reducing the chances of injuries.

How to Avoid Joint Injuries During Weight Lifting?

While lifting weights, the idea is to strengthen your joints and muscles, not hurt them. These quick tips can help you avoid injuries during weightlifting.

  • Warm your body up adequately before you lift weights
  • Stretch your body sufficiently to prepare them for the workout
  • Don’t go overboard with weights
  • Don’t be in a hurry to finish the set. Do it slowly
  • Pay attention to your body’s indications
  • Get your body enough rest
  • Maintain the proper diet to keep your joints healthy

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