How to Identify if Your Knee Pain Is Serious?

Knee pain after excessive knee movements is common. It might subside over a while and after enough rest. But persistent knee pain, affecting your routine movements like walking, running, climbing stairs up and down, etc., could point at something severe and require medical intervention. But apart from enduring knee pain, an individual might have some other symptoms indicating serious knee pain. Let’s look at them.

  • Unable to Bear Weight

People with serious knee pain often feel like shifting the weight away from the bad knee when they stand up. It is because the affected knee has lost its ability to bear the individual’s body weight. It could point to various knee conditions. Hence, the person should see a doctor promptly and get the condition diagnosed.

  • Reduced Knee Sensation

Did you know lack of pain also indicates a serious condition? Yes. For instance, a person suffering from knee pain doesn’t feel anything when they press the knee. Such discomfort could result from sciatica or another non-knee-related condition.

  • Knee Pain Affects Sleep

In some cases, the knee pain is severe and becomes a constant companion. It disallows a person from sleeping. If you also are experiencing such a thing, see a doctor.

  • Unstable Knee

Do you think your knee is wobbling or feel like it will collapse? Then, visit a doctor and get the condition diagnosed. Usually, joint instability signifies a ligament concern. It can worsen if you ignore the condition and continue using the knee stressing it.

  • Joint Swelling or Redness

Are you noticing a change in the knee shape and color? If you notice redness or feel swelling, touch the area to see if you experience warmth or tenderness. These signs and symptoms can indicate infection and require medical intervention.

  • Joint Deformity

See your knees next to each other. If you notice your affected knee looks unusual or different compared to your healthy knee, you may be suffering from a fracture, patella injury, or dislocated knee cap. Don’t live with the condition. Visit a doctor for treatment.

  • Inability to Flex the Knee

Another significant indication of a severe knee condition includes the inability to flex the knee fully. Don’t ignore if you cannot flex or bend your knee for more than 24 hours. See a doctor for proper treatment.

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