How to Prevent Diabetes with Family History

How to Prevent Diabetes with Family History?

Often, people consider diabetes a hereditary disease. Although that’s true to an extent, it doesn’t mean you are bound to suffer from diabetes only because either of or both your parents suffered from it. You can avoid type 2 diabetes despite a family history of it. Let us see three ways to prevent diabetes with family history.

How to Avoid Hereditary Diabetes?

If you know you are at risk of diabetes, you must take the necessary steps to avoid it. Although you cannot completely eliminate the possibility of suffering from diabetes, the following steps can help you prevent its onset to a significant extent by living a healthy lifestyle.

1. Weight Loss

Why is weight loss so essential to reduce the chances of diabetes? Excess visceral fat causes inflammation and insulin resistance, which are factors significant to the onset of diabetes.

Hence, people with excess weight are at a much higher risk of diabetes than those maintaining a healthy one. Further, obese people are over twenty times more likely to develop diabetes.

So, if you have a lot more extra kilos, you must reduce your weight and reach a healthy weight range suited to factors such as your age, height, lifestyle, etc. Losing only eight to ten percent of your current weight can straight away reduce the likelihood of diabetes by half.

2. Healthy Diet

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease: the unhealthier and the more undisciplined your lifestyle, the higher your chances of developing diabetes. Eating foods containing refined carbohydrates and sugar increases blood sugar and insulin levels. With time, such foods can trigger diabetes. Additionally, soft drinks and refined grains also contain high glycemic content and consuming so much sugar through these drinks can increase the chance of diabetes.

As a result, you must avoid consuming such food and beverages. Instead, based on the suitability in your case, you must include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, high-fiber foods, etc., in your diet.

Besides, rather than drinking sugary beverages that increase your blood sugar levels, you must prefer drinking water and opt for other drinks such as buttermilk and lime water.

3. Regular Exercise

We cannot emphasize enough the significance of regular exercising to avoid diabetes, and otherwise as well. Exercise helps you stay physically active, mentally strong and also increases the insulin activity of your cells. People who exercise regularly require a lesser amount of insulin to keep the blood sugar level under control than those who do not do it.

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