Knee Replacement: Who Needs It and Why?

Your knees pain excruciatingly and are affecting your daily movements. You want to get rid of the pain no matter what. Is knee replacement an option? Let’s find out some circumstances where the doctors might recommend knee replacement surgery.

Worsened Arthritis

Most knee replacement cases stem from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis. These conditions affect the knees through various mechanisms. But, although different, they eventually lead to the loss of cartilage, which results in pain and loss of motion. Doctors will diagnose the case and recommend knee replacement depending on the severity of these conditions.

Restricted Routine Movements

Knee pain can affect routine movements and life. The severe pain in the knees while trying to stand up, walk or even make light movements can make daily activities challenging. Doctors will first try to treat the pain via non-surgical treatments. But if they don’t work or prove effective, doctors would suggest knee replacement.

Severe Pain Even During Sleep

Pain while walking, sitting and standing is understood and is a potential candidate for knee replacement. But some people suffer from knee pain even while they are asleep. If rest also cannot relax the knees, replacement remains the only option.

Deformed Knees

Progression of arthritis can cause the knee to become bowed or knock-kneed. In some cases, people might lose the ability to straighten their knees. Such cases should be dealt with through an orthopedic surgeon, whose diagnosis can help you know if you need to undergo knee replacement surgery to treat your existing and future problems.

Continuous Knee Swelling

A perpetually swollen knee, despite the use of steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy refers to an unstable knee or degeneration of the cartilage. In situations like these, the doctors may recommend knee replacement.

Age Factor

Knee problems after a certain age, for instance, 60, are usual. Old age might affect the knee’s ability to respond to non-surgical treatment options. In such cases, knee replacement might appear as the only option to relieve the patient from the pain and restricted movements. Nevertheless, knee replacement can be done at any age, depending on the patient’s condition.

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