• Robert jones, father of orthopedics surgery once said “A PERSON DIES THROUGH HIS HIP”
  • The reason for the above statement was that the senior citizens who due to trivial fall suffered from fracture of neck of femur (thigh bone).
  • Due to limited understanding during those time most of these patients remain bedridden till they finally die due to complications.
  • Over a period of time due to intervention by orthopaedic surgeons, technicians and various orthopedic industries great revolutionary changes happened.
  • One of the most revolutionary change was the development of “Hip Replacement Implant”
  • Ranka hospital is a super speciality orthopaedic hospital.
  • It is popular for treating complex fractures in senior citizens.
  • Ranka hospital has developed a very systematic special protocol for operating fracture of neck of femur.
  • It was a very successful track record and experience of treating more than 4000 cases over the last 20 years.
  • Very talented team under the guidance of Dr. Ramesh Ranka (Chief Orthopedic Surgeon) consisting of physician (intensivist), anesthetist, physiotherapist, OT technician are actively involved in bringing up the patient on his/her feet in a short span of time.
  • Due to the efforts of the entire team at Ranka Hospital it has been possible to save many lives.
  • If you have any question or need an opinion for anyone suffering form fracture of neck of femur, please do not hesitate to call us or mail us on –

Case Reports:

  1. A 92 year old patient was shifted from old age home with severe cardiac dysfunction, chronic kidney failure, 8 days bedridden due to fracture neck femur after through planning he was operated via uncemented bipolar hip replacement surgery, and he was sent home walking on the 6th day post operation.
  2. A 72-year-old active industrialist sustained fracture neck femur was operated immediately and was sent home on the 3rd post operative day. He was allowed to attend his company affairs on 10th day post operatively.

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