Non-Surgical Alternatives to Knee Surgery

Knee pain is a condition affecting millions worldwide. Some cases graduate to a level where surgery remains the only alternative. On the other hand, however, many cases aren’t as bad as they appear. The individual still has scope to relieve knee pain and problems with non-surgical alternatives. If you are among the latter, here are some generic non-surgical treatment options you may go for instead of knee surgery.

7 Non-Surgical Options for Knee Surgery

From exercise and physical therapy to lifestyle modifications, these seven non-surgical alternatives to knee surgery can help you avoid knee surgery.

  • Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is also considered rehabilitation. It combines exercises and hands-on care to strengthen and relax muscles and joints. It helps improve blood circulation, enhance mobility, improve balance, and reduce swelling, if any. However, physiotherapy requires a qualified physiotherapist, a personalized plan suiting your knee requirements, and adhering to it to drive positive results over a period.

  • Low Impact Exercises

Many people experiencing knee pain avoid exercise. And that’s obvious. Hurting knees don’t allow them to work out. As a result, their condition deteriorates further. However, you don’t have to necessarily run, jog, or indulge in heavy sporting activities to relieve knee pain. You can indulge in low-impact exercises to keep your knees healthy and active. Some of them include cycling, swimming, strength training, walking, and Yogasan.

  • Weight Loss

Weight loss pertains to a lifestyle change. But does it work? Yes, of course! It takes time for sure but shows results. Weight loss works because your knees take a lot of your upper body’s weight when you stand or walk. Thus, knees wear over a while. Besides, excess weight can also cause inflammation, which can further aggravate the knee pain. Losing weight, even 10-12 percent of it, can reduce stress and inflammation. One pound of weight loss can reduce up to four to five pounds of pressure on your knees.

  • Knee Pain Injections

Another significant way of relieving knee pain without surgery is taking a knee pain injection. These injections help reduce pain and inflammation. However, you should determine the suitability of such injections in your case by consulting a doctor.

  • Pain Medications

Painkillers or pain medications are another way of relieving knee pain. However, they provide temporary relief. Besides, using them regularly and for a long time can expose them to various side effects, damaging the body in the long run. Nevertheless, you should consume pain medications only based on a doctor’s prescription.

  • Using Braces

Braces provide external stability to the knee joint. They help stabilize a joint, reduce pain and inflammation, and strengthen knee muscles. Additionally, braces help realign the joint, thus lowering the contact between the two rough bone surfaces. The result is reduced pain and enhanced mobility.

  • Arthroscopic Surgery

Knee arthroscopy is an innovative and effective alternative to conventional knee surgery. It is a minimally invasive surgery that helps treat damaged cartilage, remove bone fragments and pieces of torn meniscus, and repair ligaments. An arthroscope is a camera that allows the surgeon to view the interior of the joint via a small incision. After making a few incisions, surgeons use the arthroscope to operate the interiors of the knee.

So, that was about a few non-surgical alternatives to knee surgery. Of course, these are generic ones. You should consult a doctor and know what’s right for you to achieve optimum results. Ranka Hospital can help diagnose and determine the best-suited knee pain treatment. Call us at +91 – 20 – 24261530 to book an appointment.

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