How To Protect Your Bones as You Age?

Bones tend to weaken with age. It is normal to lose some amount of bone strength and mass after a certain age. But excessive loss can make life challenging. So, how do you protect and strengthen your bones as you age? Let’s look at some quick tips.

Seven Tips to Protect and Strengthen Your Bones as You Age

Here are seven tips to maintain and enhance bone strength with age.

1. Maintain a Nutrition-Rich Diet

Diet forms an integral part of everyone’s life. While having a balanced and nutrition-rich diet is important across every stage, with age it becomes even more crucial. Accordingly, you should maintain a diet with the right mix of proteins, calcium, vitamins, etc., that help maintain your bone strength. Consider consulting an expert to get the right and personalized diet plan for your body’s needs.

2. Indulge in Regular Exercises

Aging reduces body strength and makes movements difficult, making the individual stationery. Lack of physical activities and regular exercises can further weaken the bones and deteriorate the condition. Accordingly, you should engage in regular physical activities per your doctor’s recommendation to keep your bones and body fit and active.

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking affects bone health in the long run. Hence, if you’ve been smoking, quit it for the sake of your bones and health as a whole.

4. Enhance Balance

Losing balance is one of the side effects of aging. But the loss of balance can lead to falls and cause fractures in fragile bones, worsening the situation. Hence, if you think balancing is becoming a concern, you should practice balance-improvement exercises per an orthopedic doctor’s consultation and recommendation and under an expert’s guidance.

5. Stop or Reduce Alcohol Intake

Either quit alcohol or at least limit its intake. Heavy alcohol intake also contributes to bone health deterioration by interfering with the osteoblasts. If you want to continue with alcohol, consume it in moderation. Your doctor can help you decide on the quantity of alcohol intake.

6. Maintain the Right Body Weight

Maintaining the right body weight is essential from the viewpoint of bone health. Being underweight increases the chance of bone loss and fractures. On the other hand, excess weight can increase the potential of fractures in the arm and wrist. Hence, it is imperative to maintain the right body weight.

7. Conduct Regular Tests

Conducting regular examinations like bone density tests, osteoporosis, etc., can help you measure your bone health and take the necessary corrective measures.

Everybody is unique, and so are their needs. The above are generic tips to strengthen bones after a certain age. So, visit Ranka Hospital if you are looking for specific consultation on bone health for your case. Our team of best orthopedic doctors in Pune will gladly answer all your questions and chart the appropriate treatment. Call us at +91 20 2426 1600 to book an appointment with our doctors.

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