The Role of Implant Design in Knee Replacement Surgery Success

Knee replacement refers to replacing parts of injured or worn-out knee joints. The operation involves replacing the damaged bone and cartilage with implants of metal alloys, robust plastic parts, and ceramic material. While surgeons ensure the surgery’s success, much of it also depends on the implant’s design. Let’s see how.

The Significance of Implant Design in Knee Replacement Surgery

Usually, surgeons have numerous implant design options for knee replacement surgery. The knee implants are designed to fit correctly on the femur’s lower and Tibia’s upper ends. Contemporary designs focus on smaller implants for women and larger ones for men, with many intermediate sizing options.

Most knee implants are designed to replicate the feeling and movement comfort of a real joint as much as possible. They aim to accommodate the patient’s knee motions and allow them to bend, extend and flex their knee during physical activity.

During knee replacement, surgeons take various measurements to ensure the implant fits in properly. Here, bone coverage proves a crucial aspect. An incorrectly fitted implant may extend a little beyond the bone’s width and potentially damage the ligaments and tendons around the knee. It can cause pain and feel unusual while walking.

Accordingly, today’s implants are designed to address the contours and dimensions of men and women. They offer a more accurate fit and higher potential to regain the knee’s original range of motion.

Besides, surgeons consider the type and amount of physical activity an individual is engaged in so that the implants do not restrict their routine lifestyle but effectively and seamlessly gel with the knee’s surrounding elements to provide optimal comfort. Thus, you must speak to your surgeon before an implant is finalized.

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