Tips for a Healthy Back

Back pain or back ache has become a common concern these days. The number of people suffering from back pain in India alone is in the range of millions! Factors contributing to back pain include sedentary lifestyles, incorrect postures at the workplace, increased weight, and lack of exercise. Back pain is a serious concern and can affect one’s lifestyle in the long run. Hence, maintaining a healthy back is imperative.

8 Tips for a Healthy Back

Let’s look at eight easy tips to keep your back healthy and in optimal working condition.

1.Maintain an Erect Posture

Elders always asked you to sit or stand straight and avoid stooping. Do you know why? That’s because sitting, standing, and lying down with the right posture helps maintain the spine’s natural shape and enhance blood flow, thus keeping it healthy. Poor or incorrect posture can stress the spinal column and affect blood flow.

2.Exercise Regularly

Performing exercises regularly to strengthen your back muscles and abdominals can help support your spine. Strengthening these muscles can reduce the weight of your spinal discs. Accordingly, you should get a personalized exercise regime designed by your doctor and follow it under expert guidance.

3.Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

Do not lift heavy objects. We mean, avoid lifting heavy things as far as possible. For example, if you are traveling, avoid lifting the bag. Use a rolling suitcase that will not require lifting the luggage unless you are on a staircase.

4.Kneel While Bending

Often, people bend at the waist, which is wrong, as it pressurizes the spinal column. Instead, you should bend your knees and lower the entire body while bending. If at all you have to lift something, follow the below.

  • Lift from and bend at the knees. Do not bend at the waist.
  • Maintain a straight upper back and keep a good posture.
  • Hold the object near your chest.
  • Clear your pathway before lifting anything.
  • Ask for help if required.

5.Sleep Correctly

Sleeping may appear the simplest task of all. But it isn’t as straightforward. Many people exercise regularly but sleep incorrectly. So, firstly, you should get regular and enough sleep. Secondly, you must avoid sleeping on your stomach. Thirdly, you should sleep on your side on the right mattress. It will provide support to your spine and neck and allow them to decompress during sleep.

6.Use the Right Footwear

You must be wondering what footwear has to do with your back health. However, using the right shoes supports the spine and lets the body remain aligned. Thus, examine the footwear before using it. Ensure it fits the back of your heel comfortably and isn’t excessively tight. The right fit will help prevent overpronation or supination.

7.Maintain the Correct Weight

Spinal discs comprise soft tissues. More weight puts more stress on the soft tissues that they cannot handle. It can lead to premature tissue wearing and cause extra pain. Of course, reducing weight and experiencing its impact will take time. However, maintaining a healthy weight will help prevent many other health conditions, apart from back pain.

8.Massage Your Back Regularly

Massaging your back regularly can lead to various therapeutic benefits. They include loosened tight muscles and connective tissues and increased blood flow. A moderate-level massage can help relieve the stress off the back and make you feel better.

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