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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels in Winter

We all love winter! But with winter come various health concerns. Challenges maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is one of them. The cold weather can affect insulin sensitivity. It can also increase blood sugar levels, as during winter, people eat more and exercise less. Maintaining blood sugar levels requires making changes to the routine, lifestyle, and diet. Here are some generic tips to help you do that.

5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels in the Cold Season

Having the right blood sugar levels during winter isn’t as difficult. A few changes to your lifestyle and diet, along with routine habits can make a positive difference.

  • Consume Seasonal and Low-Glycemic Foods

There’s a reason certain fruits and vegetables are available only during winter. Accordingly, you should eat seasonal and low-glycemic goods in your diet. They can include leafy greens, vegetables, apples, berries and citrus. These foodstuffs can help release glucose gradually and contribute to maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

  • Exercise Indoors if Not Outdoors

Although winters aren’t as harsh in India, some may use the cold weather as an excuse to avoid exercising. Some might genuinely have a problem with it. Whatever the case, remember, staying active is crucial to control blood sugar levels. Thus, if you cannot exercise outdoors, you should maintain a certain level of physical activity by indulging in indoor exercises like Pilates, home-based workouts, or Yogasan to maintain an active metabolism. You may also perform short workout sessions during the day to stay active.

  • Consume Carbohydrates Carefully

Winter comfort foods may have high refined carbohydrate content. Hence, you should stay mindful of carbohydrate consumption. Choose complex carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains with a lower glycemic index to regulate blood sugar levels. Ensure your diet is a proper blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Get a personalized and well-suited winter diet plan from an expert to balance your diet.

  • Drink Adequate Water

The cold season reduces thirst. However, staying hydrated is essential from the viewpoint of maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels. You may choose options like infused water, broth, or warm herbal teas to stay hydrated. Refrain from drinking sugary drinks.

  • Make Lifestyle Changes

Stress and insufficient sleep can individually and collectively affect your blood sugar levels. Thus, stay as stress-free as possible through exercises like deep breathing, meditation, or indulging in hobbies. Furthermore, get adequate rest, as insufficient rest can also impact blood sugar levels. Create and adhere to a sleep schedule that lets you sleep well for at least seven to eight hours.

In addition to the above, keep yourself warm to maintain blood circulation and regulate blood sugar levels. Besides, if you use insulin, keep it at an appropriate temperature, as the cold weather can impact its efficacy. The above ones are generic measures to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Visit Ranka Hospital for specific guidance. Our expert doctors will diagnose your condition and guide you appropriately. Call us at +91 – 20 – 24261530 to schedule an appointment with our doctors.

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