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How to Choose the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon?

Do you want to undergo hip replacement surgery and are searching for the best hip replacement surgeon in Pune? Then, you must make a thoughtful choice after considering and evaluating a few reliable options. But how do you know if a surgeon is dependable and is the right choice? Here are some tips that can help answer these questions and assist you in finding the best-suited hip replacement surgeon for your needs.

  • Seek Referrals

Hip replacement surgery is a major surgical procedure. Hence, you wouldn’t want to make an abrupt or random choice. Accordingly, it would help to ask for referrals from your physician, physiotherapist, orthopedic specialist, or friends and relatives who’ve undergone hip replacement surgery. While easing and streamlining your search, it will help you provide a base to begin.

  • Surgeon’s Experience, Expertise, and Credentials

These factors refer to evaluating a surgeon’s credibility. Experience would involve checking the number of years of experience, the number and types of surgeries performed, and the success rate of those surgeries.

The surgeon’s expertise in performing hip replacement surgeries, knowledge, and confidence while responding accurately to your questions are also vital.

For example, some surgeons specialize in the minimally invasive or anterior approach. On the other hand, some others have expertise in orthopedic trauma or pediatric orthopedics. Ideally, choose surgeons with proven expertise in the surgery type you need.

Furthermore, you must also check the surgeon’s credentials and their track record. It includes checking if they were involved in malpractices, had instances of carelessness, or have had disciplinary actions taken against them for any reason.

  • Hospital Facilities and Infrastructure

The hospital matters as much as the surgeon. Accordingly, you should inspect the quality of the hospital where the surgeon operates or serves as a surgeon. Experienced hospitals with a reputation in the market deliver potentially better results. They employ competent surgical infrastructure, implants, and techniques to ensure safe and effective surgeries. Additionally, you must evaluate the hospital’s aftercare for safer and speedier recovery.

Some other aspects also include administrative ease, billing processes, cashless facilities, and others you feel are specific to your case.

  • Hospital Location

Assessing a hospital on this parameter is pretty apparent. Thus, look for a hospital situated in a location convenient for you. It will help simplify commuting to the hospital for your loved ones and you after surgery for postoperative appointments and checkups.

  • Patient Review and Feedback

While assessing the above factors, also examine past patient reviews and feedback to examine the surgeon’s success rate. Surgeons with a higher success rate and positive patient feedback should form your choice.


So, that was about some vital tips to choose the best hip replacement surgeon. During your discussions with the surgeon, ask questions and address every concern you may have about your hip replacement surgery. The more you educate yourself, the better your decision.

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