Laminectomy Treatment in Pune

Laminectomy Treatment in Pune

Laminectomy is a term many people won’t be much aware about. This condition is known as laminectomy as it involves removing the Lamina (Back part of a vertebra that covers the spinal canal).

This process enlarges your spinal canal & relieves pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. This process is not the first solution, it is only used if other methods such as medicines or therapy doesn’t work. If the symptoms are worse Laminectomy can be advised by the doctor.

Most common reason for a laminectomy in the lumbar region is a prolapsed or herniated intervertebral disc.

If herniated disc is in this region, it can cause nerve pressure with pain radiating down the leg, also it can cause muscle weakening in the leg, and some loss of sensation in the leg and foot. In such condition lifting your leg becomes painful.

Laminectomy can help in treatment of other spine problems such as Spinal Stenosis, herniated disc, Sciatica.

Lets take a look at how the procedure works :

The surgeon  explains the risks, nature, reasons for the surgery to be carried out, also the doctors will inform about the length of stay in hospital & approximate recovery period.

Sometimes a short rehabilitation process is necessary. Lab tests of blood, urine, etc are done to see how suitable a person is to undergo the procedure.

Nothing can be eaten number of hours before the surgery as suggested by the doctor. In order to make you drowsy and dry up some internal secretions a pre-medication injection is usually given. Supervision of a general anaesthetic is mandatory for the surgery. Marking is done for incision.

The surgeon first cuts through the skin. First the muscle is cut, peeled from the vertebrae and held in place with special instruments called retractors.

Then The lamina is removed. Once the surgery is done, the surgeon checks and confirms if the nerves are not compressed any more, and the muscle and skin are sewn closed.

After the procedure regular check up of the wound, infection, etc is checked and needs to be tracked.

Muscle spasms can be experienced after surgery and the medication for the same needs to be taken as per prescribed by the doctor. There are number of precautions and basic movement, exercises that are taught to the patient for a speedy recovery.

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Be it any disease or injury the City of Pune has good facilities and infrastructure for the treatment & also has many experienced, intelligent, efficient doctors & surgeons.

Reputed and renowned hospitals are present in Pune to serve the patients and provide the best possible facilities. So, be worry free and consult your doctor in Pune.

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