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What are the Different Types of Hip Replacement Implants?

Hip replacement helps people get rid of the hip joint pain and restore mobility. It involves replacing the natural hip joint with an implant. During surgery, surgeons remove the ball, reshape the socket and position the implant in the bone. Accordingly, the implant that fits in the body and gels with it, plays a crucial role in enabling movements and helping the person lead a healthy life.

However, implants are available in different types. Hence, making the right choice is essential for their longevity, efficiency and suitability. While surgeons choose the correct implant type, it would also help you knowing what kind of prosthesis you will have in your body. So, let’s look at the types of hip replacement implant types.

What is a Hip Implant?

Also called hip prosthesis, it is a medical device that replaces a damaged or worn-out hip joint. Surgeons position it in the body with a surgical procedure called hip replacement or hip arthroplasty. The hip implant primarily aims to alleviate pain and enhance functioning of the hip joint that suffers damage from fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other conditions.

Types of Hip Implant

Hip implants have evolved over the years – thanks to the medical advancements. These implants aim to serve people of different ages, hip conditions, complexities, etc. Accordingly, surgeons choose implants depending on the person’s age, activity level and deformity. These implant types include the following.

  • Metal on Metal Hip Implants

In this implant type, the ball and cup comprise metal. Hence, such an implant is highly resistant to wear and tear damage.

  • Metal and Plastic Hip Implants

This one comprises metal (titanium or stainless steel) and plastic. During surgery, surgeons replace the ball and the socket of the hip joint with the metal implant and place the plastic element, a spacer, in between the implant that replaced the ball and socket.

  • Ceramic Hip Implants

A ceramic hip implant has ceramic material only in the ball and the socket joint. It also comprises metal. However, surgeons use the metal only within the bone. Ceramic implants exhibit excellent resistance to wear and have a higher scratch resistance. Besides, they are smoother than other implant types.

  • Ceramic on Metal

In this implant, the ball comprises ceramic and the socket has a metal lining.

How Long Do Hip Implants Last?

Hip implants usually last 15-20 years. However, the implant’s longevity depends on various factors. These include usage, care and maintenance, the quality and type of implant used, how well the implant gels with the person’s body and more.

Remember, the implant’s durability is a crucial factor. Hence, you should discuss it with the surgeon during your consultation appointments. Also, the surgeon will issue aftercare instructions to take proper care of the implant, enhance its functionality and maintain its standard life.

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